Rachel Rice BB9

A Mother's Thoughts on Miss Wales

In a recent article published in the Wales on Sunday a former Miss Wales aired her views on whether or not a Welsh girl would ever hold the Miss World title again. To put it bluntly she claimed that Wales will never have another Miss World.

Although that claim may prove correct - though this year the current Miss Wales Amy Guy should be congratulated on making it through to the final 15 girls - the article seems to be overlooking one or two important facts. Welsh girls can be as stunningly beautiful as those from other countries - they may not have submitted professional photographs but those of us who attended on the night and saw the contestants in the flesh can confirm that - yet looks alone cannot guarantee them the Miss Wales title, let alone Miss World.

There are a lot more factors that are taken into consideration when choosing who goes through to represent our country in the Miss World contest - an honour that the girls are only allowed to do once in their lifetimes. Under the supervision of Vibe PR the selection process has changed drastically since the days when the competition was held in North Wales where the only pre-contest requesite was that you were not married, had never had children, were of a certain age and could attend on the night of the judging. The competition has also become a lot harder over the years as hundreds of girls now apply for a chance to compete for the title instead of the six or twelve girls who would have simply turned up at a village hall on the night. Now the girls are screened prior to the competition for their suitability to take part through the completion of an application form, the submission of photographs and - in a lot of cases - asking the girls to participate in some pre-contest functions.

Intelligence and personality are judged equally as important as looks as afterall if you win the title you will always be known as a former Miss Wales - that title seems to stay with you for life. The media is always looking for newsworthy stories and lets face it, scandal always sells more papers than human interest stories so girls whom are considered to have loose morals or have what is considered the wrong temperament are often weeded out before the competition regardless of how fantastic they look.

As for the recommendation that girls who have taken part in the Miss Wales contest more than twice should stand down to give other girls a chance to win then I would have to question whether this really is a healthy mentality to promote. I was always brought up to believe that if at first you don't succeed then try and try again. Giving up is not in the Celtic blood and never should be. Thankfully the Welsh are not a nation of quitters. Were it not for perseverance and persistence of Welsh athletes like Tanni Grey Thompson and actors like Catherine Zeta Jones very few Americans would even know where Wales is let alone what it is like - and where would we be if our scientists or businesses gave up after a couple of tries?

Every girl who applies for the Miss Wales competition has an equally good chance of getting through to the final as the organisers do not restrict it to one girl from one area as other competitions do, so local girls are not simply competing with each other but with all of the girls who apply. Last year three girls from the Torfaen/Gwent area got through to the final and this year six equally stunning girls were chosen to represent us at the final two of whom were from Cwmbran.

The other fact is of course that the appearance of girls aged between 17 and 24 changes drastically every year. Their bodies are constantly going through changes - in most cases totally unrelated to the intervention of any cosmetic surgery. One only has to compare how Sophia Cahill looked when she was Miss Wales to how she looks now to see how her looks have improved over the years. Is it fair to prevent someone from taking part in the competition simply because they had tried to win on a few previous occasions? Surely if they have a good chance of winning they should be allowed to try again regardless of their history. Naturally as a mother I would love to see my own daughter get through every year - the girls really enjoy themselves on the night and make friendships that seem to last forever - however as a Welsh person I want the one with the most chance of winning to get through regardless of who they are.

Any restriction in the number of times that the girls can take part in the competition would prove detrimental to the competition. It could lead to a reduction in the number of entries as girls would be tempted not to take part just in case they stood a better chance of winning the following year. As the profits from the competition go to charity that really would be a shame and devastating for the fund-raising organisers.

So this goes out to all the beautiful welsh girls out there. If you want a chance to compete for the title then apply now and if you do get through and don't win then keep trying. Just DON'T GIVE UP! Who knows? It could be your turn next year and if it isn't at least you can have fun trying and will have some wonderful memories to keep forever. My advice for those who still doubt that our girls are as good as those from other countries is please don't simply judge them by their photographs; come along on the night and see for yourself.

Last Modified on: 05-12-2018