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Hi All 

Llanyrafon Lake Cwmbran

The lake is now fully open including the Cafe. The silt pond is fenced off and it was noted that it is quite silted up particularly at the cafe end. Needs cleaning out. May be due to the logging activities

A good day was had by all with approx 12 members turning up with a good variety of boats. The winds were light but it was observed that sailing was now possible in the absence of the trees. I think it would have been difficult if they were still there so a positive outcome.

Fishing is under new management (Crow Valley Anglers) but only one appeared mid morning. It remains to be seen how the new set up will operate

It was good to see the reopening of the lake supported by members


Corona Virus Restrictions are still in force Please observe them.


South West Ship Show 11th Sept 2021

We are invited to this event once again.          Can I have an indication from members who woul like to take part in the ship show?     This excellent event was cancelled last year but we did take part previously.                 

                                                                                                                                                                   As it clashes with our OPEN DAY we will change our date to the previous week  5th Sept 2021              It is posted in Diary of planned events



Minutes of this years AGM are under the heading Annual General Meetings on this website

Thanks to all who helped by voting

Subscriptions are also due on that date ref Treasurers report cheques should be made out to Cwmbran Modelling Society and sent to Peter Newsome

Please note the Home page note ref Closure of the Llanyrafon Lake at Cwmbran due to urgent Tree felling Work

Assuming Coronavirus restrictions are eased abuot that time, we can always use Keeper's pond,

for those with itchy radio control thumbs!



Hope you all staying Safe during these difficult times. Just a few thoughts in talking to various members over the last few months.                                                                                                                       There are number of Model making  concerns who have decided to  throw in the towel and give up trading some due to taking retirement others due to financial difficulties                                                   eg Model Slipway, Model Dockyard and Speedline.This will be a blow to Lifeboat modellers as all three had offerings in this area. as well as others.

Abergavenny Model Shop has ceased trading in part due to ill health 

We are all frustrated by inability to "float our boats" due to lockdown. I know that many of you are building new models or modifying/repairing existing ones. 

Personally I have built a New Club 500 model yet to try it! and am still building the Bautier from the Traplet plans. Club 500 report they are very busy at present despite difficulties in getting mouldings produced due to their manufacturer giving priority to Medical masks/visors! However they are getting supplies albeit slowly.

SLEC seem to be busy at this time as are Cornwall Model Boats.

Nylet Sails are extremely busy despite a recent problem with their website going down resulting some forums declaring they had ceased. I can vouch for their still being in action and have an order book delay of some three months due to so many orders, one of which is mine!

PJ Sails are also busy

Robbe a German KIt maker have been taken over by Krick and in turn Krick has also launched Romarin who are selling some of the old Robbe designs albeit with modifications

Component Shop report they are extremely busy as do Howes Models, Nexus Models and Alfs models

More locally Model boat Fittings is also doing OK


On the subject of BATTERIES I note that Stationary shop Rymans have very good offers on AA and AAA bateries as does Screwfix at present.


In these days of inactivity of our boats. PLease don't forget to ensure your batteries are kept fully charged on a regular basis. They will deteriorate through lack of use and loose charge. If left uncharged some may not recharge again particularly LiPo batteries but this can also affect NiMh and NiCd batteries. Some chargers have the facility to discharge the battery in a controlled manner before recharging thus simulating artificial use This also applies to the rechargeable batteries in Transmitters

I hope these musings are of some use to club members . If you have any further information that you think may be useful to other members , please email me and I can include it



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