Greenmeadow Community Farm

Advice to teachers and others organising a visit

We strongly recommend that you take full advantage of our FREE preliminary visit in order for you to familiarise yourself with our site and complete your risk assessment.

Take the time to read all Health and Safety information provided. Below are some of the factors for you to consider.

Hand Washing

Please ensure that all members of your group wash their hands regularly during your visit especially before eating, after feeding animals, attending activities and before leaving the farm. There are a number of hand-washing stations around the farm. Please ensure that everyone in your group uses soap and warm water to wash their hands and that they dry them thoroughly. Alcohol hand gels are NOT a sufficient substitute for washing hands. We also advise that accompanying adults keep prompting children not to put their fingers in the mouth during their visit.

Eating Areas

We ask that ALL food and drink is consumed in designated eating areas only.

Animal Contact

We understand that children enjoy close contact with the animals, however please discourage children from kissing the animals and placing their faces against them.

Take note of any warning signs around the animal enclosures which will guide you as to their suitability for feeding. We ask that all visitors do not feed the pigs, ponies and donkeys. During any animal handling sessions, please follow the guidance given by members of staff.


We strongly recommend that all of our visitors dress appropriately for the farm taking into consideration the weather. This should include suitable footwear. We discourage wearing open toed shoes, sandals and flip flops. We encourage all visitors to make use of the "Welly Wash" before they leave the farm. Please ensure the use of waterproof clothing and/or Sun Screen when necessary.


Please ensure that your group are supervised at all times. Please do not allow children to climb on walls, fences, gates, animal pens etc.

Listen carefully and follow instructions and information given by site staff.

The playground is not supervised by site staff and is suitable for children age 8 and above. Access to the playground is controlled when the tractor and trailer ride is in operation. Please follow the guidance of the Tractor Ride Marshal during this time.

Tractor Ride

Please ensure that members of your group follow instructions from members of staff when getting on and off the trailer and remain seated at all times during the duration of the ride. Access to the Farmyard, Tractor Ride and Playground will be controlled by a Marshal whilst Tractor Rides are in progress or whilst other vehicle are moving on site. Please follow the instruction of the Marshal during this time.

Other Site Considerations

The farm has good pathways around the main attractions but there are areas of uneven paths. Although we try to keep areas as free from obstruction as possible, occasionally there may be obstacles such as hoses, wheelbarrows, etc.

There are two ponds on site, while they are fenced we recommend that children are fully briefed not to enter the water or try to access the waters edge. Please supervise the children at all times.

The farm is a natural environment and some of the areas may have nettles/brambles, etc.

Please be aware of this as you move around the grounds .

First Aid points are located in the Gift Shop and also the Farm Office on the Farmyard. Alternatively ask a member of staff who will contact a qualified First Aider for you.

Our Fire Assembly Point is "Rex" our Dragon water feature. Should the fire alarms sound please make your way to "Rex" the Dragon where you will be met by members of our staff please take note of any further guidance given by our staff at this time.


Pregnant women are advised not to enter the Animal House during Lambing/Kidding season as there is a small risk of Toxoplasmosis. Should you require more information please ask prior to your visit or see the 'Important Info for Pregnant Visitors' page on our website.

Zoonotic Infections

Such infections are relatively rare and are transmitted by contact with the faeces or urine of some animals. Should anyone in your group fall ill with sickness and diarrhoea within two weeks of visiting a farm we recommend that they contact their GP.

Useful Telephone Numbers

If you have access to a mobile phone and need to contact a member of our staff during your visit you can telephone the Duty Manager directly on 07980 682315.

We sometimes find it useful to have a mobile telephone contact for a Teacher in your group too. If you would like us to take your contact number for the duration of your visit then please inform the member of staff that meets you upon your arrival. The number would only be used in an emergency such as a lost child situation or for example if last minute changes needed to be made to your timetable.

Farm Main Office No. 01633 647662

Download a copy of the Avoiding infection on farm visits - advice for the public leaflet .

Last Modified on: 24-01-2021