Torfaen Indoor Bowls

Play Procedure

Safe Play Procedure Rules

It has been agreed that only 12 players per session will be allowed to use the green. 3 rinks of 4 players and an overall supervisor will be in attendance at each session to ensure rules are adhered to and collect appropriate rink fees. Face masks or visors must be worn at all times.

Players decide on playing partners and take positions on the green observing the 2 metre safe distancing rules at all times. Team 1 position Yellow Spots. Team 2 position Red Spots.

Lead players will decide who places the mat and who will use the bowls pusher. The skips will decide who places the jack and who lifts the mat after play. Once decided they will continue with these tasks for the whole of the game to maintain safety for all.

Play commences as usual with the non- active Lead player remaining on their Coloured Spot until the active player on the mat returns to their corner.

Players will change position as required during the game always observing the safe distance ruling. Only 1 Skip at the head at any time during the game the other will remain on their coloured spot until their turn at the head.

Players will only handle their own bowls and use their feet to move opposition bowls if so required.

Once all bowls have been delivered by leading players then to change ends, Lead Players will walk up the left side of the green 3 metres apart to keep a safe distance and Skips will walk down the right side of the green 3 metres apart also to keep a safe distance.

Once at the other end players will go to their respective coloured spots. These procedures will ensure the 2 metre safe distancing rules are obeyed at all times.

Play will commence under these rules for the remainder of the game and if common sense and 2 metre Safe Distancing rules are observed at all times then we should be able to enjoy the game in complete safety.



Last Modified on: 08-12-2020