Torfaen Indoor Bowls

Covid Rules

Covid-19 bowling rule - musts

Always book rinks in advance by calling the Bowls Office 01633 627117 during session times Mon - Wed and Friday mornings10.00 – 12.00.

Please arrive on time and pay for rink at the bowls hall

Face masks or visors must be worn at all times

Obey the 2 metre safe distancing rules at all times

Always arrive dressed to play so only your shoes have to be changed. Bring everything with you as lockers are not allowed

No visitors or spectators are allowed

If you require a bowls lifter only you must use it

Mats will be at a minimum of 3 metres from ditch

Leads and skips will decide on their specific tasks before play commences and will continue for the entire game

A score card if required to be marked by one person

No scoreboards – chalk or ditch markers are allowed

Any objects touched other than your own equipment must be sterile wiped immediately as safety to the other players

Bring your own refreshments or drinks and do not share. Take any rubbish home with you

Sanitiser will be available to clean hands and equipment

Pay attention to the rules at all times – common sense and continued 2 metre safe distancing will ensure safety for all

Last Modified on: 05-05-2021