Torfaen Indoor Bowls

Conditions of Play

Initially members will be contacted for the first weeks bookings and once open then:

Rinks must be booked in advance by ringing Bowls Office direct on 01633 627117 during Session times.

Available Sessions, Mon - Wed and Fri mornings - 10.00-12.00 

Only 3 rinks available for hire to enable a distance of one rink between each game.

These rinks will be Rinks 2, 4and 6 giving more safe distances between the office and rinks.

All rinks will play with a maximum of 4 players per rink (Pairs). Face masks or visors must be worn at all times.

2 metre distancing rules when playing will apply at all times.  Always keep this safe distance from each other at all times for your ultimate safety.

The use of the changing rooms and Lockers is prohibited, although both Male and Female Toilets will be available for use restricted to one player at a time. (Facilities should be sterile wiped after use and hands washed.)

Players will come suitably attired for the game and only shoes may be changed at the green at the allocated seats with Social Distancing rules adhered to at all times.

No refreshments are available so if required bring your own.

During the game only handle your own woods and use the sterile wipes provided as necessary on jacks and mats if accidently handled by other players.

After the game the mats and jacks will be cleaned by Rink Marshals before the next session.

When using the green, always stand in the corners on your allocated coloured spot unless you are on the mat or in charge of the head. This will maintain distancing rules at all times and ensure safety.

Keep a safe distance between all players when changing ends.


Last Modified on: 05-05-2021