Torfaen Indoor Bowls

Over 55 Singles

Over 55 Singles
Round 2

To be played:

Round 3

To be played on:
(A) - 8th Feb
(B) - 9th Feb
 Quarter Final

To be played on:
22nd Feb
Semi Final

To be played on:
1st March 

To be played on:
Name Info Name Name Name Name  
    M. Willis (A)  J. Berry 

R. Jones 

R. Jones 

  J. Berry (A) 
    L. Dodd (A)  R. Jones 
  R. Jones (A) 
    R. Arnold (A)  J. Davidge 

A. Cooper 

  J. Davidge (A) 
    B. Thomas (A) A. Cooper 
  A. Cooper (A) 
     S. Misljen (B) C. White 

M. O'Dwyer 


   C. White (B)
     B. Dunbar (B) M. O'Dwyer 
   M. O'Dwyer(B)
     A. McGhee (B) T. Jones 

B. Berry 

   T. Jones (B)
     B. Berry (B) B. Berry 
  G. Beak (B)

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