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Torfaen Indoor Bowls

Special Honours

Ladies Special Honours
2006/2007 W.L.I.B.A. and British Isles Triples Champions M. C. McCulloch, Kerry Packwood, Kelly Packwood
2006/2007 W.L. I. B. A. Fours Champions M. Purcell, K. Samuel, J. Harris, J. Hine
2006/2007 D. J. Welsh Champions  
2007 Under 25 Singles Champion Kerry Packwood
2007/2008 W.L.I.B.A. Under 25 Singles Winner Kerry Packwood
2008 / 2009 D. J. Welsh Champions  
2009 Under 25 World Singles Champion Kerry Packwood
2009 National Pairs Winners Kelly Packwood, Kerry Packwood
2009 National Triples Winners M. C. McCulloch, Kelly Packwood, Kerry Packwood
2009 World Under 25 Singles Winner Kerry Packwood
2010 W.L.I.B.A. Under 25 Singles Winner Kelly Packwood
2010 Champion of Champions Winner Kerry Packwood
1982/1983 Welsh Pairs P. Skinner, J. Watts
1983/1984 British Isles Pairs A. Toms, A. Nother
1985/1986 British Isles Fours J. Howells, P. Skinner, J. Ricketts, J. Watts
1989/1990 Welsh Singles Champion A. Sutherland
1990/1991 President W.L.I.B.A. T. D. Whiting
1990/1991 British Isles Finalists B. J. Thomas, A. Sutherland, M. Day, P. Dickinson
1991 W.L.I.B.A. Challenge Trophy P. Skinner
1992 W.L.I.B.A. Challenge Trophy B. J. Thomas
1992 W.L.I.B.A. Fours B. J. Thomas, A. Sutherland, M. Day, P. Dickinson
1992 W.L.I.B.A. British Isles Fours Champions B. J. Thomas, A. Sutherland, M. Day, P. Dickinson
1993 Champion ofChampions B. J. Thomas
1996/1997 Welsh Singles Champion A. Sutherland
1998/1999 W.L.I.B.A. Fours B. Thomas, A.Sutherland, P. Skinner, J. Hine
2005/2006 Welsh Under 25 Singles K. L. Packwood

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Forthcoming Events

Exhibition: Out in 1914 - Home at Last

01/08/2019 - 17/11/2019
The story of the 2nd Monmouthshire Battalion who departed for the First World War in 1914 and did not return from France until 1919

Family of Miners Exhibition

22/08/2019 - 30/12/2019
A photographic exhibition by Walter Waygood documenting mining and miners of Blaenafon from the 1970s onwards.

Happy Hands Club at Pontypool Active Living Centre

Happy Hands classes are suitable for parents or carers to bring babies and children from newborn to 4 years of age. We have lots of fun singing, dancing, with sensory play such as bubbles and parachutes and lots more.

LittleHitters - Tots Tennis at PALC

´╗┐Our aim at Littlehitters is to develop a love for the game and encourage a fun, friendly environment for children to learn and gain in confidence.
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