Panteg House Bowls Club

Club History

In the beginning

In the beginning a bowling green appeared in the grounds of Panteg House but there were no bowlers to play on it. Therefore a meeting was held on Tuesday 5th May 1921 “For all those interested in Bowling”. As a result of this meeting a bowls side was formed for Panteg House, to be called Baldwin’s Bowls Club, after the owner of the steelworks. Officers and committee were elected as follows:-

Chairman – Mr H. Jones.

Secretary – Mr C. Spicer.

Committee – Messrs’ W.Erasmus, T. Moses, C. Jarrett, R. Brittan, W. Dudley, A. Garrett, G. Bourne, W. Muxworthy, M. Etheridge and D. Owen.

Now that a club had been formed, it was arranged that the green be officially opened, on Saturday 25th May 1921 by Mr J.C. Davies. It was agreed that a team be selected to play a team selected by Mr J.C. Davies. Also, a game be arranged between a team from Griffithstown, selected by Mr A. Edmunds and a team from Sebastopol, selected by Mr W. Webb.

Unfortunately the results of these games are not recorded but a start had been made and as the saying goes “Great oaks from little acorns grow”.

1921 – The club is formed and on its way

A challenge has been accepted to play a game of three rinks at Panteg House against Pontnewynydd Bowls club and the first club captain is selected. This honour going to Mr. W. Dudley.

Club annual membership was also agreed at a fee of 2/6 – to be paid when work resumes.

Games were now being arranged but the club was relying on the Sports Committee of the main house to provide equipment, including woods. The bowls section also relied on the ladies of Panteg House Tennis Section to prepare refreshments for the bowls section and opponents at the home games.

Bank Holiday Monday 29th August 1921

The bowls club played a game against the ladies of the tennis section with the gents having to bowl left handed.


The start of a new year

Times were obviously difficult with people struggling financially. At the first meeting of the year it was decided that the annual membership would be 1/-.

It was also announced that a “Smoking Concert” would be held at the club on Saturday 29th April. A Smoking Concert was popular at that time and involved music being played to a men only audience, where the men smoked and talked politics, while listening to the music.


A problem for the committee to solve. A complaint was received from a bowler regarding the woods and daps being thrown about after being used. It was agreed that a notice be displayed requesting that after use the woods and daps be placed back tidy and respectful.


Discussions were started regarding the possibility of having the green enlarged. Also a letter was received from Pontnewynydd Works Bowls Club asking the club for support in the forming of an Eastern Valley Bowls League. This request met with much approval and two members were selected to attend meetings to give the clubs support.

Panteg Bowls team 1922-23



It was announced that rules had been drawn up for the newly formed Eastern Valley league, which had been approved and adopted for season 1923 with Panteg House as a member.

Panteg House Bowls Club badge    Eastern Valley Bowling Association logo



The club was informed that in accordance with Monmouthshire County Association rules in was necessary that the club become affiliated with the parent body – The Welsh Bowling Association. An application to be made and fee paid.

17th March

The committee were informed that the WBA had refused the application because the green was under the minimum size of 38 yards square and the clubs cheque for £1/1/- was returned.

Club membership for 1924, 28 members @ 1/- each.


8th June

It was proposed and carried that “any member criticising the work of the committee or any matter of interest to the bowling section, outside of the committee room, will be suspended for the remainder of the season.”

It was also proposed and carried at this meeting “That the driver of the Charabanc shall not be allowed to pick up anyone without having the consent of the committee.”

Club cup winners 1925

The cup winner was Mr. T Davies, runner-up Mr. E. Toomer.

An extra competition was held this year with the winner Mr. G. Bradley receiving a prize of a pair of woods. The runner-up, Mr. B. Flavell received a pair of shoes.


24th March

The secretary was instructed to arrange playing games this season on the local council green while alterations were carried out on the green at Panteg House.

It was announced that F. Peake’s charabanc was booked for away games this season.

Also a whist drive was planned to raise funds for players expenses for those who should be selected for county matches (The whist drive was held in April with a profit of 9/-).

Moved that the club enters the Hospital competition from this year.

Fees for this season – 2/- (membership 1/-, competition cup 6d, WBA yearbook 6d)

30th April

The names of 4 club players were sent to the secretary of the MBA for consideration of selection for the MBA side to play New Zealand in May. Expenses for any player selected would cost the player 12/-.

4th June

The question was raised about players going to games by train, as the club was not carrying out our contract with Messrs F Peake for the guarantee of 16 seats. Players were given to understand that they must go with the charabanc to make the number of 16. Under that number and they will have to pay for their booked seat.

25th June

A letter was received from the secretary of the MBA regarding the clubs grievance asking why some of our club members could not get selected for the county. The matter was left on the table.

10th July

A complaint was brought forward regarding teas during games. It was stated that the teas were not of the same standard as they had been with the late stewardess Mrs Hill. The sports committee were called in and they stated they would see what they could do for the better.

16th July

A complaint was brought forward by the secretary concerning the play of a club player the previous Saturday against Pontnewynydd Works. The player was asked in the meeting and he stated that what he had done he had done deliberately. After he had left the meeting it was moved, seconded and carried that he not be considered for selection this season. Unfortunately it was not recorded what his actions had been!

11th September

Reported that Mr Peake had requested £2 for two games that had been cancelled. It was decided that all members should pay 1/- to clear the debt. It was also decided that as he had not done the club satisfactory this season that he be cancelled for the next 2 games and the secretary instructed to book Ralph’s.

The club balance at this time was 2/9d

6th October

Following an MBA meeting at Newport it was reported that that a player must play in two county matches before being entitled to wear county blazer, tie and hat band. This would cost 30/- for blazer, 2/3d for tie and 2/6d for hat band, a total of £1/14/9d. The club representative at the next meeting was instructed to vote against it as it was unfair considering the industrial position in the valleys.

10th November

It was decided that the club name be changed from Baldwin’s Bowls Club to Panteg House Bowls Club.


12th January

Following a meeting with the sports committee it was stated that due to the present situation the sports committee were unable to give the bowls club a grant of £2. After hearing the report it was agreed that the bowls club manage its own affairs and a treasurer was appointed.

27th April

The new green was opened by Mrs. Leighton Davies.

5th June

It was agreed to run a competition over 1 month with the winner receiving a prize of 100 cigarettes.

24th June

The committee had a lengthy discussion regarding a member who was picked to play for Panteg House, but played instead, on the same day, for Panteg Park. It was proposed that the club return his 2/6 and have no more to do with him. An amendment was put forward that the club should retain his 2/6 and that he should not be considered for the rest of the season. The amendment was carried.


11th November

It was voted that Panteg House would not join the Eastern Valley League for 1934.


28th April

Correspondence was received from the sports committee relating to the number of bowls bags that were missing. The bowls club were asked to co-operate in recovering them and an appeal was to be made to members.

25th August

It was agreed that in the event of a player, who does not have his own woods, winning the club cup competition, he be presented with a pair of woods value 30/-.

It was also agreed that from this year the vice-captain becomes the captain the following year and so on each year.

Panteg House Bowling Club c. 1935


12th October

A meeting was called for the purpose of reviewing the past seasons work and the conditions prevailing in general as to the points in the report. (No record has been kept of this report). As a result of the report there was a unanimous decision that all officers and committee resign en-bloc and a report be sent to the sports committee.

16th November

A meeting was called by the sports committee following the resignation of the officers and committee of the bowls club. Mr Joe Fisher presided over an attendance of 20. The chairman outlined the position and deplored the fact that there was no bowls club at present at Panteg House. He expressed the hope that the difficulties now existing would soon be surmounted and that a new club would be formed immediately.

Without discussion it was resolved that a bowls club be formed and that the election of officers be proceeded with.

The state of the green was considered and it was resolved that the sports committee be asked to invite an expert to inspect and report upon the state of the green.


20th May

A complaint was received regarding the behaviour of certain members on the bus returning from the game at Abergavenny. It was decided that the secretary speak to them and warn them that any conduct in future resembling same they will be cut out of the club altogether.

 24th October

The chairman remarked on a successful year with a record number of members – 105.

Also a final balance sheet of £5/2/8d.


9th February

Committee agreed to make the clubs first ever order of 100 metal badges.

9th March

It was announced that Mr D Evans had been elected vice-president of the EVL.

11th May

The committee agreed to buy an attaché case for use by the club secretary. The cost was not to exceed 10/-.


Outbreak of World War II


20th January

Letters were read from the WBA and MBA to the effect that all league games etc would not be played during the crisis but giving advice to club to arrange friendly games.

27th March

Agreed that it be recommended to the general meeting that in view of the troubled times the present officers and committee carry on for season 1940.

Also that a sum of 3d be charged for all home games. This money to be donated to war charities.

Panteg House Bowls Club 1940

G. Bradley (vice-captain), B. Rogers, R. Roderick, W. E. Mansell

L. Lloyd, J. Leek, R. Millership, R. Healy, C. Nurden, A. A. Jenkins, H. Thomas, B. Bevan, S. Wilcox,

S. Higgs, C. Jones, D. Evans (chairman), T. Davies (captain), E. Williams, D. Andrews (treasurer), A. Roynon.

G. Beake, W. Watkins (secretary)   E. Bevan (vice-chairman), H.Manley.

Welsh Private Greens Bowling Association badge

Saturday 14th September

The EVL final was played against Blaenavon with Panteg House winning by 92-66, the rink scores being – 24-17, 16-22, 33-10, 19-17.

Forty five metal badges were made to celebrate.

11th October

Donation of £1 made to local spitfire fund and a donation of £1/15/0 to the Pontypool war comforts fund.


Club member Mr T Davies won the MBA singles trophy.

26th April

It was proposed and carried that fees for all home games be increased to 6d each, all going to the war charity.


15th May

It was reported that the son of club member George Bradley, also named George, had been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for gallant service in the RAF. A letter of congratulations was sent.


Panteg House won the EVL cup for the second time in five years. To celebrate 42 metal badges were ordered and presented. A large team photo was ordered at a cost of 9/6d. It is not known what became of this photo.


The new green had been laid and it was agreed that Mr Edmunds (secretary of the works) be presented with a pipe as thanks for his support.


Panteg House won the Hospital Shield for the first time.

Club member Mr Emlyn Bevan was elected President of the EVA.

27th November

In the secretary’s report he spoke of the assistance he’d received during the year, particularly from club captain, Mr George Beake, who had a fairly successful season. Only sheer bad luck had prevented the club entering the final stages of the MBA cup. He severely hoped that next season the club would again prove itself and bring home the bacon.


4th February

It was pointed out that this season it would be necessary to serve a better quality tea and provide sandwiches for evening games. A discussion followed as to the best way to raise funds to subsidise this. It was decided to hold an ordinary draw on Saturdays, with a prize of cigarettes or a bowls measure. Also to hold a weekly cricket sweep. A portion of money collected going into the fund and the rest to the holder of the cricketer making the highest score on the Saturday.

15th October

The clubs application to join the East Wales Private Green Association had been successful. The club was now a member of the EWPGA subject to an inspection of the green (which was successful).

4th November

At the AGM the treasurer stated the club were financially in a good position. The receipts for the season were £41/9/10d, and expenditure £18/4/10d, leaving a balance of £23/5/0d. From the balance £5/5/0d was required for competition prizes, leaving a final balance of £18. It was decided to use to have a good presentation dinner.


14th April

Finances were discussed and reported that the club was sound financially with a balance of £20/13/2d. However the cost per head for bus fares for away games was discussed. It was suggested that some members who were employed in lower paid jobs may struggle to pay these fares. It was agreed to subsidise the fares and ask all members to pay 2/6 for all trips, long or short.

It was then reported that due to the rise in the cost of living, Mrs Mansell was compelled to raise the price of the teas from 1/- to 1/6d.

13th October

It was decided to recommend to the AGM that the club consider purchasing blazers, ties and badges of a uniform design. It was agreed that the colours should be those of the cricket and athletic clubs, navy blue and gold.

3rd November

It was reported that the balance for the year was £30/12/8d and it was decided that a bank account be opened in the name of Panteg House Bowls Club.

22nd November

It was decided to purchase the blazer badge from a London company at a cost of 7/- each. The blazers were to be purchased from Fowler’s of Pontypool at a cost of £4/12/9d each. Thirty ties were also to be purchased from Fowler’s at a cost of 9/11d each.


28th December

It was proposed and seconded that the club recognise Mrs Mansell's service to the club. It was stated that this was not necessary and would cause a precedent. A vote was held and was in favour of the proposal. At the chairman’s request a unanimous vote was given to the proposal and it was agreed that a pair of nylons should be purchased and presented to Mrs Mansell.


Club member Mr C. Jones won the Private Greens Singles Competition.


Panteg House were semi-finalists in the Carruthers Shield Cup.


Panteg House pair won the MBA Pairs Trophy.


Panteg House were winners of the EVA cup.

Club member Mr RJ Phillips was President of the EVA.

6th October

Mr E. Wellington was elected President of the club and Councillor WG Thomas was elected Vice-President.


19th March

It was reported that in the course of cleaning the EVA Championship Cup, Mrs Mansell had accidently broken it and had it repaired at a cost of £1/5/0d. It was agreed to reimburse Mrs Mansell and the secretary to inform the EVA of the incident.


Club member Mr Stan Wells won the MBA singles trophy.


31st October

The treasurer reported an end of season balance of £21/7/6d and it was decided to give the groundsman 50 Woodbines and Mrs Mansell a pair of nylons at Christmas.

5th December

The captain mentioned the lack of conveniences at the green and all members felt that if possible a convenience was a necessity. The secretary was instructed to write a letter to the executive asking if it was possible to provide a shelter and lavatory at the green.


5th March

The Welfare Council and General Manager approved the building of the shelter and lavatory. The Welfare Council requested that the bowls club contribute towards the cost, which was £350. The club offered £50 towards the cost.


Club member Joe Pipe was selected by the British Isles Bowling Council (BIBC) to tour Australia.

27th September

It was agreed, that having won the EVA championship, the club should acquire a championship badge to commemorate. There were 30 members entitled to the badge.

19th October

The quote received for the badges was 7/6d for 3 dozen. It was proposed that members pay 3/- each and the club pay the remainder. It was also recommended that 6 new jacks be bought and kept just for games. The balance at the bank was £29/13/10d.


10th October

It was agreed to recommend to the AGM that a draw for a packet of cigarettes should be held each Saturday home game.

9th November

At the AGM it was reported that the club had won the EVA championship for the sixth time.

It was agreed that members who were pensioners should only pay half the subscriptions.

It was discussed that there may now be enough cars available for away games and that a bus would not be required.

To increase the club funds it was agreed that members hand in the “pennies won on the jack” and the draw for a packet of cigarettes was also agreed.​

Panteg House inter-works side 1960’s

Panteg House inter-Works side 1960’s

Named are - Front row from left 1st Walter Lawley, 4th George Watts, 5th Jack Cottrell, 6th John Bell, 8th Bill Richards.

​Back row 2nd from right Horace Thomas.


Club Member Joe Pipe was selected to represent Wales in internationals both outdoor and indoor games. He played for Wales outdoor in 1964, 1966 and 1968. He played for Wales indoor in 1964, 65, 66, 67, 69, 71, 72.​

1964 Badges  Joe Pipe


Joe Pipe won the Welsh Open Singles by beating Mal Evans (Gelli Park) in the final. In 1972 Evans won the world championship singles title, being the only Welshman to win this.

28th November

It was reported to the meeting that an accident had occurred involving four members travelling to a game resulting in a court case. It was agreed that the club should pay the fine imposed on the one member (driver?).


Joe Pipe was runner-up to V. King (Aberdare Park) in the final of the Welsh Open Singles.

It was agreed to start occasionally playing games on a Sunday.


23rd April

It was resolved to again use members’ cars for all away games. Car owners to receive 2 gallons of petrol.

24th October

A member enquired about the honours board that used to hang in the hall. The secretary agreed to look around and make enquiries.


Panteg House won the MBA pairs.

The British Isles Bowling Council (BIBC) championship was held at Panteg House.

1971 – Jubilee Year (1921-1971)

Contributions for 1971.  40p = 8/-, OAP 20p = 4/- (decimalisation was here)

The secretary had approached Panteg works management about obtaining stainless steel ashtrays suitably inscribed for the jubilee.

A game was to be arranged with the WBA presidents’ team.

The annual dinner would be held at the Autumn Rooms, Cwmbran and a photographer would be present.


7th April

A cup was received from Mrs Thomas in memory of her husband Horace Thomas. A two wood competition would be held for this cup.

Cloth badges would be received for the new season.



The secretary stated that he had found the honours board and was having it updated. They will be displayed in the tea room.

Panteg House Bowls Club Membership Card 1974-75


30th January

Panteg works had been unable to update the honours boards. The boards were now with Mrs Pipe who will be proceeding with the painting in her own time.


11th November

Dorian Cook was elected club secretary and also congratulated on winning the MBA open singles.


10th January

The secretary informed the meeting that the cost of inscribing tankards for club competitions would be 3p per letter. It was proposed and agreed that Panteg House Bowls Club be substituted with PHBC.


Ex club member Mr W Morgan was elected President of London Welsh Bowls Club.

Mr Aubrey Davies was elected President of EVBA.

Mr Aubrey Davies

Aubrey Davies on the left of this photograph


EVBA champions.

B. Rogers winner EVA Singles.


​5th December

Mr AJ Davies was elected the first life member of Panteg House Bowls Club.


Club member Reginald Reynolds who was also Club captain for several years.

This photo was taken for the British Steel newspaper.

Reginald Reynolds


Visitors to Panteg House – Suffolk County.

Goff Skinner winner EVA Singles.


​7th October

A letter was received from the Barbarians accepting an invite to play at Panteg House in 1986 to celebrate the clubs 65years.

Goff Skinner winner of the MBA Open Singles.


P. Luffman winner EVA Singles.


Mr D. Simmonds was elected EVBA President.


Goff Skinner winner of the MBA Over 60's Singles.


Inter Works Winners

Inter Works Winners 1994


EVBA Pairs Winners - Dave Kenvyn and John Davidge

EVBA Pairs Winners - Dave Kenvyn and John Davidge 1994


6th June - Home bought by bowls club

BOWLING fans from Newport should feel at home if they visit Panteg for a game this summer.

For a 40 foot-long pavilion which stood at the Orb Steelworks site since 1927 is the new home for Panteg bowlers.

The corrugated iron building was dismantled, transferred to Panteg and rebuilt. Club members had been using the facilities at Panteg House to entertain visiting players and for changing - as they never had their own pavilion.

John Garrett, club president, said the lack of facilities made them less than popular with opposing teams. "We couldn't offer them tea and biscuits", he said.

When local councillor and keen bowler Gwiliam Evans heard the Orb club was closing down to make way for a new road, he told the Panteg team about it. And they decided it could be answer to all their prayers.

"We asked the Orb club if we could have the building and they said we could - for a small donation", said club secretary Robin Gibbon.

"So we gave them £100 and took it away". Around 20 regulars started dismantling the building in May last year. "It was like a giant jigsaw puzzle", added Mr Gibbon. "Everything was marked up so we could put it all back together again.

"We took it down sheet by sheet and plank by plank", added Mr Garrett. "We dismantled every nut, bolt and washer and even took 2000 bricks from the foundations from Newport to Panteg".

By April this year, the job was complete and the new, improved pavilion was officially opened late last month.

Members of the old Orb club were guests of honour at the opening party. "The Orb players were really impressed that their old pavilion was still being used," said Mr Garrett.

The club received financial aid from Torfaen council, Pontypool Community Council and other local bowling clubs to fund the move.

Pavilion PavilionPavilion  Pavilion Pavilion PavilionPavilion  PavilionPavilion  PavilionPavilionPavilionPavilion PavilionPavilion PavilionPavilionPavilion



The pavilion is completed and ready for the official opening.

Well done to the members who worked tirelessly to make this project possible. Your efforts will be remembered for many years, every time the pavilion is used.

​Photo taken for an article in The Free Press about the new pavilion.

​Photo taken for an article in The Free Press about the new pavilion

From the left: - Gordon Richards (Manager of Panteg House), Ray Jenkins, Ron Tamplin, Gerald Charlton, Dennis Taylor,

John Garrett (President), Mike Willis, Robin Gibbon, George Matthiudis, John Gray.

Official opening of the new pavilion

Official opening of the new pavilionOfficial opening of the new pavilionOfficial opening of the new pavilionOfficial opening of the new pavilionOfficial opening of the new pavilionOfficial opening of the new pavilionOfficial opening of the new pavilion

Behind every good man ...

​From left: Maureen Garrett, Colette Willis, Lin Matthiudis, Pearl Roberts, Sandra Charlton, Grace Pattimore

From left: - Maureen Garrett, Colette Willis, Lin Matthiudis, Pearl Roberts, Sandra Charlton, Grace Pattimore


Panteg Bowls Club 2003


Mel Pooley commemorative plaque

Mel Pooley was a club member of Panteg House Bowls Club and upon his death bequeathed money to the club which was used to build the changing rooms. A plaque in memory of Mel Pooley is displayed on the building.


Panteg Bowls Club 2008


Panteg House won the EVA Triples.

Tony Pask - Champion of Champions 2007/2009


Panteg House won the EVA Triples.

A. Pask won the EVA over 60’s singles.


R.Gibbon EVA President 2012

Robin Gibbon - EVA President 2012

R.Gibbon - EVA President 2012 plaque


Tony Pask and John Davidge – triple winners of the Eastern Valley, Monmouthshire and Welsh over 60’s pairs 2014.

Tony Pask and John Davidge - triple winners of the Eastern Valley, Monmouthshire and Welsh over 60’s pairs 2014 


Eastern Valley rink winners – Sean Kenvyn, Dave Kenvyn, Mike Smith and Simon Hunt

Eastern Valley rink winners – Sean Kenvyn, Dave Kenvyn, Mike Smith and Simon Hunt

Neil Cummings - President Eastern Valley Bowling Association 2016/2017


Over 60’s rink winners – Les Dodd, Geoff Holtham, George Pallett, Arthur Stark

2017 Over 60’s rink winners – Les Dodd, Geoff Holtham, George Pallett, Arthur Stark

2017 saw the formation of Panteg House Ladies Bowls section

2017 Panteg House Ladies Bowls section


Panteg House – Eastern Valley Champions.


Mr A Pask - MBA President 2020/21/22

Mr A Pask - MBA President 2020/21/22

Mr John Garrett - President Panteg House

Mr John Garrett - President Panteg House

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