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Eastern Valley Bowling Association

Past Officers

Past Officers
Year  President Club
2017/18 Neil Cummings Panteg House
Year Chairman Club
2016/17 Neil Cummings Panteg House
2015 Carl Humphreys Garndiffaith
2014 Tony Hewitt Pontypool / Garndiffaith
2013 Steve Probert Blaenavon
2012 Robbin Gibbon Panteg House
2011 Bob Price Garndiffaith
2010 Paul Mann Cwmbran Park
2009 John Berry Panteg Park
2008 Ray David Pontyfelin
2007 Mike Samuel Garndiffaith
2006 Bob Price Garndiffaith
2005 Howard Rees Cwmbran Park
2004 Roger Jones Panteg Park
2003 H. C. Smith Pontyfelin
2002 Viv Parker Pontypool Park
2001 B. K. Green Croesyceiliog
2000 John Franklin Pontnewydd
1999 Dave Standing Girling
1998 Goff Skinner Panteg House
1997 W. Kinsella Garndiffaith
1996 G. S. Evans J. P. Panteg Park
1995 Martyn Roynon Owens Corning
1994 Don Taylor Pontypool Park
1993 Horace Hill Croesyceiliog
1992 D. H. Roberts Pontnewydd
1991 F. G. Brown Girling
1990 Andy Smith Blaenavon
1989 D. Simmonds Panteg House
1988 Graham Stone Garndiffaith
1987 W. Morgan Cwmbran Park
1986 W. H. Lawley Panteg Park
1985 N. J. Williams Pilkingtons
1984 W. J. Watkins Pontypool Park
1983 H. R. Davies Croesyceiliog
1982 A. J. Powell I.C.I. (Usk Vale)
1981 J. R. Williams Pontnewydd
1980 Jack Millership Girling
1979 G. J. Wilson Blaenavon
1978 A. J. Davies Panteg House
1977 Les Kinnersley Garndiffaith
1976 B. K. Green Cwmbran Park
1975 Fred Edwards Croesyceiliog
1974 W. E, Morris Pilkingtons
1973 W H. Lawley Panteg Park
1972 Ted Cantle Girling
1971 D. Williams Pilkingtons
1970 Horace Organ Pontypool Park
1969  W. H. Lawley  Panteg Park
1968 D. H. Roberts Pontnewydd
1967 H. Morgan Pontypool Park
1966 W. E. Pattimore Cwmbran Park
1965 Stan Tasker Panteg Park
1964 E. E. Moule Pontnewydd
1963 A. Jones Blaenavon
1962 George Phillips Pontypool Park
1961 E. T. Harris Pontypool Park
1960 Tom Kelsy Royal Ordinance Factory
1959 Les Leighton Pontnewynydd Works
1958 Trevor James Girling
1957 Allin Carter Talywain
1956 R. J. Phillips Panteg Park
1955 F. I. Jones Garndiffaith
1954 V. E. Wiggle Pontnewydd
1953 R. L. Jones Pontnewydd Works
1952 A. J. Hughes Talywain
1951 W. T. Morgan Panteg House
1950 E. T. Harris Pontypool Park
1949 A. R.Timms Pontnewydd Works
1948 E. Bevan Panteg Park
1947 Jim James Not Known
1946 M. J. Horton Pontnewydd
1945 Joe Jones Pontnewydd Welfare
1944 E. J. Williams Not Known
1943 W. F. Lewis Panteg Park
1942 W. J. Harris Pontypool Park
1941 W. Atkins Not Known
1940 Gomer Evans Cwmbran Park
1939 Gomer Evans Cwmbran Park
1938 Dan Palmer Not Known
1937 T. J. Palser Not Known
1936 A. T. Haycock Pontnewydd Welfare
1935 F. Tucker Talywain
1934 W. L. Davies Not Known
1933 W. O. Smith Talywain
1932 E. C. Pullin Not Known
1931 E. W. Morgan Panteg Park
1930 W. E. Beard Not Known
1929 W. Jones Not Known
1928 W. R.Evans Not Known
1927 G. Tuckwell Not Known
1926 Tom Morgan Not Known
1925  Tom Morgan Not Known
1924 Tom Morgan Not Known
1923 Tom Morgan Not Known

Last Modified on: 05-12-2018

Forthcoming Events

Textile Traces: Personal Stories In Cloth by Ruth Singer

25/05/2019 - 20/07/2019
This exhibition brings together Ruth's work exploring human experience expressed through thoughtful and emotionally engaged textile making.

Torfaen Textile Artists

Are you interested in crochet, knitting, sewing, and rag rugs using recycled materials? Join us for our fortnightly meeting of textile artists in Cwmbran Library

LittleHitters - Tots Tennis at PALC

Our aim at Littlehitters is to develop a love for the game and encourage a fun, friendly environment for children to learn and gain in confidence.

Pontnewydd Progressive Walk

A moderate intensity 5 mile walk led by a qualified walk leader starting from and returning to the Queen Inn, Upper Cwmbran.
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