Eastern Valley Bowling Association

2 Wood

2 wood
Round 2

Played by:
16th July
 Round 3

Played by:
28th July 
Semi Final

Played before:
Venue TBC
Played on:
14th August
Panteg House
 G. Trenchard (13)J. Crane (20)    
J. Crane (20) 
R. Jenkins (38)   
L. Jones (8) 
 M. Williams (14)   
K. Jones (7) 
 L. Wathan (2)  
 D. Jenkins (25)     
 G. Smith (3)  
 M. Stevens (26)   
 K.Hawkes (36)  

The numbers in brackets are as shown in the Eastern Valley Competition Book and under Entries on this web site.

Last Modified on: 29-06-2022