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19 August 2021

This week has seen us reach the end of the originally scheduled fixtures, but with the season starting late and a couple of postponements there are still 14 matches to be played - which is why we are going into September. Hopefully the weather stays fair and we can get allofthegames completed.Last night saw the usualround of 3 matches played.Garndiffaith were hosts to Cwmbran Park, but were unable to prevent the visitors maintaining their 100% record - with the home side slipping to a 59-85 (2-12) defeat.Panteg House also lost at home, slipping to a narrow 54-58 (4-10) defeat at the hands of Pontypool Park Girlings.Croesyceiliog recorded a big home win over visitors and current league leaders Blaenavon, the score 77-46 and 13-1 on points.

12 August 2021

With Cwmbran Park and Croesyceiliog not in action, Blaenavon used their home advantage to secure a 61-38 (12-2) win over Panteg House and reinforcetheir challenge for the league title.Panteg Park kept up their push for a possible third place with an away win over Pontyfelin, the hosts losing 24.5-74 (2-12).Likewise Pontypool Park Girlings kept up their hopes of finishingup the table with a 67-57 (11-3) home win over Garndiffaith.It will bea coupleof weeks yet before the league champions are confirmed, as due to the Covid disruption the season has been extended into September. Hopefully we can stay on the right side of the weather and see all the fixtures played to determine the victors

5 August 2021

Garndiffaith were unable to topple league leaders Blaenavon, going down to a 39-94 (0-14) defeat at home.Panteg Park couldn't slow Cwmbran Park's chase of the top spot, suffering a 41-83 (2-12) defeat. The game of the night seems to have been at Panteg House, who hosted Croesyceiliog. Apparently it came down to the last rink and last end, with thehome side managing to secure the shots neededto give them a 60-60 (7-7) draw.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the season has become very disjointed in the number of matches that clubs have played; however there are 2 clear leaders now at the top of the table while the middle is very congested, with 3 sides battling on 51 points...

7 July 2021

3 results reported from last night:In the battle of the Panteg sides, the Park beat the House with a 63-62 win (10-4), the Park returning the favour for their loss to the House earlier in the season. Pontyfelin lost at home to Croesyceiliog 39-79 (2-12).In the final game, Cwmbran Park continued their unbeaten season in the EVBA league with a 64-57 (13-1) defeat of Blaenavon; both of Blaenavon'slosses this season have been to Cwmbran.

24 June 2021

Last night saw the 3 matches played as per the fixtures, meaning Blaenavon were inactive again - giving the remaining teams a chance to close in on the current leaders. Cwmbran Park took their opportunity, scoring a maximum 14 points in their 88-42 defeat of Panteg House, and maintaining their 100% record in the league so far. Pontyfelin lost 53-63 and 4-10 at home to Garndiffaith. Pontypool Park Girlings were victorious over Croesyceiliog, 82 shots to 59 and 10 points to 4. The current table looks like this:

17 June 2021

A few clubs used the "free" week in the fixtures to catch up on games from earlier in the season.Cwmbran Park secured a win against Garndiffaith 84-52, picking up 14 points in the process.In the battle of the Panteg sides, the House were victorious over the Park 77-50, again picking up the maximum. The final result saw Pontypool Park Girlings defeat Pontyfelin 74-53, points in this one being 13-1.

9 June 2021
Panteg House 65 2 Blaenavon 87 12
Garndiffaith 78 12 P P Girlings 47 2
Pontnewydd     Cwmbran Park    
Panteg Park 68  Pontyfelin  69.75  12 

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