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Eastern Valley Bowling Association


Eastern Valley BA

Wednesday Night League 2nd Half of Season Fixtures

    June July July July July July Aug Aug Aug Aug
    26 3 10 17 24 31 7 14 21 28
1 Croesyceiliog 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H 2A FREE 9H 8A C
2 Pontnewydd 6H 5A 4H 3A FREE IH 9A 8H 7A A
3 Panteg House 5H 4A FREE 2H 1A 9H 8A 7H 6A T
4 Pontyfelin FREE 3H 2A 1H 9A 8H 7A 6H 5A C
5 Pontypool Park Girlings 3A 2H 1A 9H 8A 7H 6A FREE 4H H
6 Garndiffaith 2A 1H 9A 8H 7A FREE 5H 4A 3H  
7 Cwmbran Park 1A 9H 8A FREE 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H U
8 Blaenavon 9A FREE 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H 2A 1H P
9 Panteg Park 8H 7A 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H 1A FREE  






Wednesday Night League 1st half of Season Fixtures

    Apr Apr May May May May May June June June
    17 24 1 8 15 22 29 5 12 19
1 Croesyceiliog 8H 7A 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H FREE 9A C
2 Pontnewydd 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H FREE 1A 9H 8A A
3 Panteg House 6H 5A 4H FREE 2A 1H 9A 8H 7A T
4 Pontyfelin 5H FREE 3A 2H 1A 9H 8A 7H 6A C
5 Pontypool Park Girlings 4A 3H 2A IH 9A 8H 7A 6H FREE H
6 Garndiffaith 3A 2H 1A 9H 8A 7H FREE 5A 4H  
7 Cwmbran Park 2A 1H 9A 8H FREE 6A 5H 4A 3H U
8 Blaenavon 1A 9H FREE 7A 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H P
9 Panteg Park FREE 8A 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H 2A 1H  

Last Modified on: 26-07-2019

Forthcoming Events

Soft Play & Face Painting

20/07/2019 - 30/08/2019
Join us in our Play Lab for FREE soft play and Face Painting at £1 per face paint. Suitable for under 5s only.

The Beach at Cwmbran Centre

27/07/2019 - 31/08/2019
Join Cwmbran Centre from Saturday 27th July to Saturday 31st August for their FREE family-friendly beach event.

Exhibition: Out in 1914 - Home at Last

01/08/2019 - 17/11/2019
The story of the 2nd Monmouthshire Battalion who departed for the First World War in 1914 and did not return from France until 1919

Exhibition: Just for Joy

10 - 31/08/2019
Just for Joy is an exhibition of paintings produced by Members of the Art Clubs run & tutored by Richard Davies
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