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Eastern Valley Bowling Association


Eastern Valley BA League Fixtures 2020 

(please note some fixtures may be subject to change due to MBA League)

Wednesday Night League 1st half of Season Fixtures

  Apr Apr Apr May May May May June June June
15 22 29 6 13 20 27 3 10 17
1 Pontyfelin 8H 7A 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H FREE 9A C
2 Cwmbran Park 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H FREE 1A 9H 8A A
3 Pontypool Park Girlings 6H 5A 4H FREE 2A 1H 9A 8H 7A T
4 Blaenavon 5H FREE 3A 2H 1A 9H 8A 7H 6A C
5 Croesyceiliog 4A 3H 2A IH 9A 8H 7A 6H FREE H
6 Panteg House 3A 2H 1A 9H 8A 7H FREE 5A 4H  
7 Garndiffaith 2A 1H 9A 8H FREE 6A 5H 4A 3H U
8 Pontnewydd 1A 9H FREE 7A 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H P
9 Panteg Park FREE 8A 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H 2A 1H  


Wednesday Night League 2nd Half of Season Fixtures


  June July July July July July Aug Aug Aug Aug
24 1 8 15 22 29 5 12 19 26
1 Pontyfelin 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H 2A FREE 9H 8A C
2 Cwmbran Park 6H 5A 4H 3A FREE IH 9A 8H 7A A
3 Pontypool Park Girlings 5H 4A FREE 2H 1A 9H 8A 7H 6A T
4 Blaenavon FREE 3H 2A 1H 9A 8H 7A 6H 5A C
5 Croesyceiliog 3A 2H 1A 9H 8A 7H 6A FREE 4H H
6 Panteg House 2A 1H 9A 8H 7A FREE 5H 4A 3H  
7 Garndiffaith 1A 9H 8A FREE 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H U
8 Pontnewydd 9A FREE 7H 6A 5H 4A 3H 2A 1H P
9 Panteg Park 8H 7A 6H 5A 4H 3A 2H 1A FREE  

Last Modified on: 05-01-2020

Forthcoming Events

Hope Rescue Fun Dog Show

Hope Rescue Fun Dog show on Friday 8 May at Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran.

Bipolar UK Cwmbran Support Group

Our Support Groups offer peer support to those affected by bipolar, including family, friends and carers. These groups allow people to get much needed support, information, and the opportunity to share their experiences.

Gwent County History Association Annual Lecture and AGM

A talk by local Pharmacist Sue Jones: Pharmacy Whims and Whimsies. The lecture includes fascinating anecdotes about past 'chemists' in the local area. The AGM will follow the lecture.

The Greatest Showman Sing-A-Long

This is the greatest show! An amazing Sing-A-Long outdoor cinema experience at Pontypool Park with a showing of The Greatest Showman.
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