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Cwmbran Otters

Cwmbran Swimmers

Cwmbran Swimmers who have completed in galas under the present Chief Coach since 1993.

Where are they all now?

Cwmbran Swimmers
 Girls Boys 
 Adrienne Davies  Adam Evans
 Alexandra Rees  Adam Jones 
 Alice Lilley  Arunn Jones
 Alice Whittington  Adam Lord 
 Alice Manship  Aled Williams
 Alicia Groves  Alex Elliott
 Amy Cook  Alex B-Evans
 Amy Davies  Alex Halpin
 Antonia Pocknell  Alex Jackson
 Alicia Geen  Ashley Smith
 Amy Hodgetts        Alex McDowell
 Amy Jones  Alex Smith
 Amy MaClean  Alex Tapper
 Amy Steed  Ashley Gunter
 Amy Tapper  Antony Jenkins
 Amy Ward  Andrew Chaplin 
 Andria Vrcic  Andrew Lovell
 Angela Jones  Andrew MaClean
 Anneliese Baker  Andrew Phillips
 Abigail Williams  Brython Sansom
 Bethany Archer  Ben Davies
 Beth O'Brien  Benjamin Bowkett
 Bethan Andrews  Conor Hadley
 Bethan Casagrande  Connor Acland
 Bethan Gibbon  Callum Weatherston
 Bethan Roach  Curtis Thomas
 Bethan Thomas  Callum Moses
 Bethany Simons  Callum Symons
 Caira Weatherston  Cameron Jones
 Chloe Allen  Craig Pullar
 Clare Hennessey  Christopher Delaney 
 Claire Langdon  Christopher Spencer 
 Charlotte Ridgeway  Daniel Pike
 Cara Thomas  Daniel Hobbs
 Chloe Allford  David Watkins
 Caren Paffey  David Anderson
 Carla Rosser  Daniel Cooksey
 Carolyn Braham  Damian Langsford
 Casey-May Ratcliffe  Daniel Fox 
 Catherine Saunders  Daniel Hadley 
 Ceri-Ann Davies  Daniel Needs 
 Charlie-Ann Johnson  David Bryant
 Chelsea Glynn  Daniel Williams
 Charlotte Tripp  Daniel Thomas
 Ceri Johnson  Daniel Spencer
 Ceri Wong  Dario Oliver 
 Cerys Davies  David Stribling
 Cerys Dewar  Dimitri Varvinski
 Cerys Geen  David Saunders
 Charlotte Crosby  David Rosser
 Charlotte Kretschmer  Dean Gibbons
 Charlotte Manship  David Martin 
 Charlotte Price  Elliott Bodenham
 Donna Rowlands  Elliot Stephens
 Danielle Cook  Elliot Jones
 Demi Hayes  Elwyn Cooke
 Demi Heward  Fraser Andrews
 Donna Sims  Finnley Johnson
 Des Weaver  Greg Richards
 Emily Rayment  Gerald Sims
 Ellis Wright  Gawain B-Evans
 Elena Sadler  Gavin Spencer
 Ellie Jones  Gareth Tapper
 Emma Mapps  Gerald Weaver
 Emily Wills  Gareth Bodman
 Emily Rosete  Gethin Herbert
 Emse Jones  Gareth Young
 Elizabeth Kretschmer  Gareth Cripps
 Elizabeth Phillips  Gareth Fortey
 Frances Giles  Gareth Howell
 Florence Kinnafick  Gareth Lees
 Ffion Smith  Gareth Rayer
 Georgia Hadley  Gareth Spencer
 Georgia Erasmus  Gareth Staples
 Georgia Smith  Ioan Wellsbury
 Heidi Lerue  Iain McMilian
 Heidi Baines  Ieuan Heaton
 Hayley Worsfold  Josh Greenslade
 Hannah Thorne  Josh Tyler
 Hayley Weaver  Joss Edwards
 Holly Turner  Jack Cubitt
 Helen Watkins  James Vaughan
 Helen Andrews  Jamie Paterson
 Hannah Jenkins  Joshua Smallman
 Harriet Courtney  Jonathan Bancroft
 Hayley Griffith  James Crosby
 Hayley Keohane  James Leadley 
 Holly Beacham  Jake Sadler
 Jaime Rowlands  Jack Dowsell
 Jayne Brown  Jack Powell
 Jessica Cowley  Joe Dowsell
 Jessica Saunders  Joshua Branken
 Jessica Hogan  James Phillips 
 Jessica Griffiths  James Vernall 
 Jessica Clements  James Obern
 Jessica Ainley  Jason Watkins
 Jessica Stone  Joshua Ivins
 Jessica Wong  John Howell
 Jodie Bristow  Jordan Maynard
 Joanne Roberts  Jonathan Burt
 Jordan Noyes  Joshua Jeffries
 Kelise Stafford  Jonathan Parker
 Kayla Stafford  Jonathan Saunders
 Katy Cooke  Jonathan Watkins
 Katrina Maving  Joseph Maynard
 Katie Wolfe  Joseph Phillips
 Kirsty Davies  Joshua Glynn 
 Katherine Jones  Joseph Lilley
 Kelly Packwood  Joshua Lloyd
 Kerry Packwood  Justin Cantelo
 Karen Davies  Justin Griffiths
 Katie Bowkett  Khalil Shah
 Karen Hayes  Karl Patterson
 Kathryn Phillips  Kriatian Crane
 Kathryn Anderson  Kristian Urguhart 
 Katie Edwards  Kameron Clarke
 Leah McCarthy  Kai Rees
 Lucy White  Kane Willmot
 Lucy McCarthy  Lewis Baker
 Lucy Evans  Lewis Andrews
 Larissa Morgan  Lewis Cronin
 Lauren Price  Lloyd Scrivens
 Lauren Cooksey  Lewys Jones 
 Lauran Hier  Liam Hadley 
 Laura Roberts  Lloyd Korshaven
 Louise Burt  Lloyd Hughes 
 Lisa Humphreys  Luke Delaney
 Libby Evans  Luke Williams 
 Lauren Paul  Michael Jones
 Laura Weaver  Michael Palmer
 Letisha Evelyn  Marco Oliver
 Leanne Greenslade  Michael Jackson
 Lucy Edwards  Mark Meeham
 Laura Scrivens  Martyn Rees
 Lauren Saviger  Matthew Chapple
 Laura Watkins  Matthew Gunter
 Megan Jones  Matthew Richards 
 Megan Jones  Morgan Edwards
 Megan Dewar  Max Bryant 
 Megan Chard  Nick Smith
 Melissa Stone  Oliver Rees
 Melisa Rees  Owen Hughes
 Mandy Paterson  Paul Bishop
 Melissa Rees  Patrick Courtney
 Natasha Battrick  Phillip Howell
 Nia Morrison  Phillip Rees
 Nicole Pollock  Robert McMilian
 Nicola Sims  Rory Butler
 Rhian Weaver  Robert Weaver
 Rebecca Hennessey  Robert Anderson
 Rachel McIntosh  Ryan Hillier
 Rhian Evans  Ross Card
 Rachel Powell  Ryan Little
 Rachel Jones  Rhys Bolton
 Rachel Phillips  Rhys Williams
 Rachel Sexton  Richard Hayes
 Rebecca Underwood  Richard Hinwood
 Rebecca Thorne  Richard Spokes
 Rebecca Cripps  Simon Llewellyn
 Rebecca Bodman  Scott Burman
 Rebakah Mutlow  Sam Wills
 Rebakah Watkins  Shaun Hughes
 Rannah Brynham  Shaun Jenkins
 Rachel St Clair  Shaun Glynn
 Rachael Hughes  Scott Roberts
 Sophie Williams  Stephen Rouselle
 Sophie Pullar  Stuart MaClean
 Stacey McIntosh  Stuart Morgan
 Sophie Thomas  Sam Cooper
 Susan Davies  Steven Rayer
 Sian Evans  Sam Weaver 
 Sian Burt  Sion Simons
 Shelly Sims  Scott Cantelo
 Shree Nathdwarawala  Sam Sadler
 Sophie Morgan  Thomas Sullivan
 Shauna Werett  Tyler Jeffries
 Stephanie Mutlow  Thomas Ivins
 Stephanie Glynn

 Thomas Maynard

 Subrina Lerue  Tim Krestchmer
 Sophie Manship  Tomas Povey
 Sian Askew  Vaughan Cooksey
 Sinead Stark  Valial Varvinski
 Shorna Hopkins  William Burman
 Sian Llewellyn  Zac Gibbon
 Sophie Holmes  
 Sarah Sims  
 Seren Williams  
 Stephanie Rance  
 Sophie Allen  
 Samantha Stribling  
 Sammy-Jo Hale  
 Seren Evans  
 Sarah Denman  
 Shayla Williams  
 Shelley Holmes  
 Talia Hale  
 Thersa MaClean  
 Tamika Evelyn  
 Tamar Bowen  
 Tia Cunningham  
 Victoria Hackwood  
 Zoe Meredith  

Last Modified on: 05-12-2018

Forthcoming Events

Hope Rescue Fun Dog Show

Hope Rescue Fun Dog show on Friday 8 May at Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran.

Bipolar UK Cwmbran Support Group

Our Support Groups offer peer support to those affected by bipolar, including family, friends and carers. These groups allow people to get much needed support, information, and the opportunity to share their experiences.

Gwent County History Association Annual Lecture and AGM

A talk by local Pharmacist Sue Jones: Pharmacy Whims and Whimsies. The lecture includes fascinating anecdotes about past 'chemists' in the local area. The AGM will follow the lecture.

The Greatest Showman Sing-A-Long

This is the greatest show! An amazing Sing-A-Long outdoor cinema experience at Pontypool Park with a showing of The Greatest Showman.
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