St. Mary's Church

Who's Who?

Vicar of St Mary’s Church - Rev.Fr Nick Perry

Vicar’s Church Warden - Mrs Thelma Mcdougall

Peoples Warden - Mr Malcolm Paul Austin

Verger - Mrs Pam Lewis

Treasurer - Mrs Janice Evans

Committee Secretary – Mr Tomas Povey

Minutes Secretary - Mr Tomas Povey/Mr Joe Chesterman

Hall Secretary - Miss Carole Jones

Organist and Choir Master - Mr Gareth Attwell

Sunday School Leader - Mrs Jane Povey

Webmaster - Mr Malcolm Paul Austin

Lay Eucharist Minister - Mrs Thelma Mcdougall / Mr Joe Chesterman

Child Protection Officer - Mr Malcolm Paul Austin

Social Event Organisers - Mrs Jan Spooner

Last Modified on: 23-09-2019