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Torfaen Tales

The Tardis

Part 9 of the K-Nine Tales

As K-Nine trundled slowly up the lane towards the TARDIS his sensors once again detected an unusual power source emanating from the Bush.

He rolled up to the main door of the pub and looked inside. All seemed dark and quiet and there was nobody about. There were just a few flashing lights coming from the various entertainment machines in the upper bar. He looked up and checked the opening times which were displayed on the door. After consulting his local calendar which told him it was Friday, he decided he would come back later and investigate.

K-Nine continued up the hill and as he approached the TARDIS he noticed a small group of children playing nearby. One of the children must have heard K-Nine’s drive motors, which by now were struggling to cope with the steep incline. He turned to the other children and shouted “Quick, leg it, someone’s coming !”

As K-Nine moved closer he saw one of the children pick up can of something from near the TARDIS, and then follow the others as they disappeared over the brow of the hill. He reached the TARDIS and was just about to go inside when he noticed something written on the panel next to the door. Scrawled in white paint, which was obviously still wet, were the words “BAD SHEEP”.

K-Nine pondered over the words as he went inside the TARDIS. He concluded that the person responsible for the graffiti was probably the product of unmarried parents. He locked the main door, switched on the external surveillance cameras and headed towards his private quarters and workshop.

K-Nine was feeling rather tired. He had covered several miles that day and the steep climb up the hill had almost drained his batteries. The first thing he did on entering his workshop was to plug himself into the mains charger.

“Ah, that feels better” he said as the rejuvenating charge began trickling slowly into his power cells through the DOG5 cable. It would take around thirty minutes to fully recharge his batteries, so K-Nine decided to log on to the TARDIS computer and see if he could discover what could possibly be causing the odd sensor readings he had picked up earlier coming from the Bush. He typed the words “Cwmbran”, “History”, “Mythology” and “Paranormal” into Yahoogle, the computer’s powerful search engine and then carefully studied the results.

“How very interesting” he said “This will definitely require some further investigation”.

K-Nine unplugged himself from the mains charger, set his alarm for 7 o’clock and then nodded off to sleep…

By Nigel Daft

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