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Torfaen Tales

The Gig

‘Gates open at two,’ said Jason, changing hands with the phone to check his watch. ‘You’ve got just over an hour, bro. Don’t be late.’

‘I’ll be there,’ said David.

Jason had been a fan of Ozzy Osbourne since he was about eight, and younger brother David caught the bug even earlier. Jason had made sure he was immersed in rock music right from the start. Among the little boy’s first words had been utterings such as ‘stratocaster’ and ‘amplifier’. At 29 Jason was eleven years older than David, but their music tastes were very much in accord.

Half an hour later he rang David again.

‘The band is doing a sound check. I can see round the barriers, and of course I can hear what’s going on. The sound is massive! Haven’t seen Ozzy yet, though.’

‘Just finishing work, bro,’ replied David by way of reassurance. ‘I’ll be with you shortly.’

A few minutes later Jason sent David a text message: ‘Ozzy just pulled up in limo. Lookin cool.’

Shortly after he sent another text: ‘Queue building up but I’m at front in first 10. Where r u?’

David didn’t bother to text back because he was right there.

‘At last, bro! Didn’t think you’d make it,’ said Jason.

‘Don’t get your panties in a bunch, man,’ replied David with a grin. ‘Where’s the beer? I’ve been out in the car park all morning collecting trolleys and I could drink a bathful.’

‘In the fridge, mate. Help yourself. Crisps and peanuts are on the bench by the kettle.’

David loped into the kitchen and grabbed a can of lager before joining his brother on the sofa in the lounge.

‘Your concerts are getting out of hand, Jase. Anyone listening to you would think we were going to a real Ozzy concert instead of just watching DVDs at home.’

‘Your trouble, Davey boy, is that you’ve got no imagination. You have to build up the suspense and the anticipation. Smell the crowd. Feel the sweat.’

‘Okay, okay. Here’s the remote, now can we get on with it?’

Jason pressed a few buttons and the speakers on the walls began to reverberate. It was going to get loud and nasty any minute now.

‘This is the stuff, mate. You know, one of these days we might actually get to see Ozzy live on stage. That is, if he doesn’t fall off his quad bike again and have to cancel.’

By Karenne Griffin

Last Modified on: 05-11-2015

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