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Torfaen Tales

My Most Embarassing Moment

Well my most embarrassing moment has to be way back about 1979 when we all took a holiday down the Gower coast, Nessa, Andrew, me, and Sloppy our dog.

From day one you could tell that our Sloppy was planning to have a wonderful time.

Just after getting there he saw a very large bull dog and decided he wanted to fight him, he must have been feeling his feet cos the bulldog was twice his size. After dragging him away we found a nice spot and set up our tent. Then after a nice cuppa we decided to all go off down to the beach.

Laying out the towels we lay down to soak up the sun. Andrew was building a sand castle, and Sloppy was lying by his side. I must have dropped off for a second then suddenly I was awakened by someone shouting "Get him off! Get him off!"

Lifting my head off the towel I looked down the beach to see our Sloppy having a whale of a time with a large yellow Labrador. They was not making sand castles they was doing what a male and female dog do, while the male Labrador looked on.

After running down the beach I grabbed Sloppy and pulled him off . The fella who owned the labs was hopping mad and told me they were a breeding pair and that he hoped that our Sloppy had not ruined the bitch, all I could do was say how sorry I was and I told him I'd make sure it never happed again.

I walked Sloppy back up the beach and made sure he stayed near us for the rest of the day. But worse was yet to come.

We decided to go back to the tent to have a bit of food. So up the beach we all walked with Sloppy at our side. But unknown to us we had to pass right by the man and his wife who owned the two Labradors. They were laying in the sun with the two labs laying close by. and right next to them was a two man dingy that they had brought with them.

Well without a word Sloppy walked right over to the dingy and slid his backside over the side of it and had a real good dump right in the dingy. Nessa, Andy and me could not believe our eyes. And neither could the people who owned the labs either. For what seemed like five minutes we all just looked at each other in disbelief at what we were seeing.

Thinking I'd better do something I said oh I'm so sorry and I ran off to the nearest loo to get some paper to clean it up.

When I got back everyone was still just standing looking at each other so I just said to Sloppy "you bad dog ".

We cleaned up the mess and went on our way. We laugh about it even now and often say:

Remember old Sloppy and them Labradors.

By Dennis Baker

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