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Torfaen Tales


Part 6 of the K-Nine Stories

The black and white dog stopped abruptly a few feet in front of K-Nine and started barking loudly. Despite his initial surprise, K-Nine felt a strange affinity for this creature and moved slowly towards it. The dog stopped barking and nervously began to retreat as K-Nine got closer.

A man wearing a black leather jacket and dark glasses came jogging along the path. He stopped, caught his breath, and then said to the dog “Cerys, sit”. The dog dutifully obeyed.

“Sorry about that” said the man to K-Nine. “She’s a bit wary of strangers at first, but she’s mostly harmless”.

The last phrase sounded vaguely familiar to K-Nine. He remembered hearing it many years ago while hiking around the galaxy with the Doctor.

The man introduced himself as Dirk Powers and explained that he was just taking Cerys for her daily walk, or run in her case, as she seemed to have a lot more energy than Dirk. As K-Nine and Dirk continued with their conversation, Cerys seemed to relax and moved closer to K-Nine. Within a few minutes she was licking K-Nine on the nose, which was nice.

“I think she likes you ” said Dirk.

“Affirmative” replied K-Nine.

When K-Nine mentioned that he had been watching a game of rugby earlier, Dirk smiled and said “Did I mention that we won the Grand Slam this year ?”

“Only eleven times” replied K-Nine with just the slightest hint of sarcasm in his voice. K-Nine’s numeracy was far superior to his comprehension of the English language, or Welsh for that matter.

The three of them headed off towards the town centre. Every few minutes Cerys would spot something grey and furry moving in the trees that grew beside the canal. She would run off and start jumping up and down excitedly near their trunks.

“Barking mad that dog, sometimes” said Dirk. “She’s been chasing squirrels all morning”.

“Perhaps she thinks they are sheep” said K-Nine, as he remembered hearing somewhere that the Welsh were very fond of sheep.

“But sheep don’t climb trees” said Dirk.

“Maybe not on this planet” replied K-Nine.

By Nigel Daft

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27/04/2018 - 28/10/2018
This exhibition is a history of home computer games consoles throughout the ages

Claire Allain - Jewellery Showcase

06/10/2018 - 17/11/2018
Having recently returned to the UK after living in New Zealand for ten years, Claire has been experimenting with new techniques. She has been working with a variety of techniques and marrying metals together to create wearable sculptures or as she likes to call them wearable "Sketches", like little mini contemporary paintings

Eighteen - The Lost Generation - Exhibition

06/10/2018 - 17/11/2018
Almost half a million men enlisted in the first two months of The Great War, however recruitment soon fell dramatically and conscription was introduced in January 1916.Most single men from the ages of 18 to 41 were liable to be called up for service and by the end of war over five million British men had served.

Katharina Klug - Craft Showcase

06/10/2018 - 17/11/2018
Katharina create timeless vessels for contemporary interiors. Each piece is individually made from porcelain on the potter's wheel. Naïve, spontaneous pencil strokes, graphic simple patterns that create movement and direction.
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