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Re-enactment WW2 SWB

Past Events

From time to time the SWB WW2 Re-enactment Group are asked to take part in battles and events with other re-enactment groups. Below you will find information on some of those events.

If you feel you would like to join the group or need more information please email us at wendy.sidney206@btinternet.com

Images from all Events can be seen in the Image Gallery .


September - Forest of Dean Railway

Small show. We enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully they will hold it again next year. Thanks to those who turned up, we had fun.

September - The Victory Show

We went and picked the new toy before this show started so all bodies had their thinking caps on when we got it to the show to put it together. We were a bit thin on the ground but the display was one of the best. Many thanks to all who turned up and helped. Battle was a honour to take part in. We always enjoy this show and its a great feeling in the nights with your mates from other units.

July - War and Peace

Usual problem at this show our display area had gone. Many thanks to KSK for giving us room to put the tent up. We enjoyed ourselves even though we did not display but we displayed by doing a patrol display. I think I can say the boys had a great time in the beer tent and watching the arena events.

June - The Tank Musuem

Many thanks for Afra inviting us to this show it was a pleasure to display and also take part in the battle. We had a great time and was allowed in the evening to have a walk around the museum. We also walked out in our Tankers impression one evening (still dirty and lived in look)

May - Fortress Wales

Fortress Wales 2011 was a success yet again. The weather was very windy and some groups lost tents through damage and rips but we all battled through. The public had a great time and so did the re-enactors A big thanks to Allison at the park and all the staff who work there. Our charity this year was Help for Heros but due to family problems of the Help for hero's group, they had to pull out. I would like to thank everyone who came to take part in this show Re-enactors, traders and military vehicle owners. Well Buck and Paul I can only say our hard work paid off. Yet again many many thanks to all who took part

February - Private battle held in Wales

Wonderful company. Many thanks to FJR5 and the other allies who turned up.


July - The War and Peace Show

Well 6 of the group went to War and Peace. The battle was cancelled due to a big mix-up. We enjoyed ourselves and we had fun.

June - Wartime in the Vale, WW2 Camp, Evesham

Well 5 of us went. There was a small battle on the Sunday. Nice relaxing show and atmosphere.

May - Fortress Wales

Well the show really went well, lots of groups came and helped raise money for Shelter Cymru. The battle was excellent we had 5,500 people attending on the Monday. Many thanks to all the boys who worked hard with the display, in the battle and helping out with the show.


War and Peace Show

Well we had a 100% turn out by the group. The display was excellent and the 2 day battling put the icing on the cake. A big thank you to the members of the SWB for all the efforts. Also a big thanks to Miss J. for the photos ( about 300 to chose from again).

June - D-Day, Normandy, France

I would like to Thank Mr Bill Evans who landed on D-Day at Le Hemel, Anselles and who was a member of the SWB on that day.  

He Called us "Bloody Daft Welshmen" and that was a honour. He also invited us to the memorial at the wreath laying he was taking part in. It was a honour to shake his hand and sing along with him in the Welsh National Anthem.

I Would like to thank all the boys in the group for coming to France, Robert, John, Phil, Michael, Richard, Ieuan, Paul, Lee (for just turning up, top marks) and Sam with his wonderful Jeep who transported the boys around.

May - Fortress Wales

Excellent Show. All 15 members of the group attended. Everyone worked hard to build the display and to make the battle a success. Robert your Gun Bunker was excellent. Ieuan, John and Paul your hard work paid off with the explosives. As you can imagine we have hundreds of photos of this event. Big Thank you to Miss J and Steve for the photos

April - Fortress Wales Site Meeting

As you aware Fortress Wales is being held on 3rd and 4th May. We held a site meeting on the 4th April. A lot of the groups and members of the groups could not attend due to distance, other shows held and family commitments. We had over 70 re-enactors at the meeting. I would like to thank everyone who came along. To Allison and Buck we fight on to Fortress Wales 2010. A very big thank you to Miss J for taking the photos.

April - Private Battle at Longmore 

Well 10 of the group attended Longmore 2009. They had a very good time running around the buildings and doing room clearing. A big thank you to all that went. We have a new member his name is Steve Hunt and he has joined up. His role in the group is combat photos. 

March - Meet up to Build and Photos

Well some of the boys met up on the 7th March to start on the Fortress Wales build project. It was decided that because Steve wanted to come along and meet some of the members they would take their kit along so he could get a idea of what we looked like. Luckily he had his camera with him and took some photos. Later in the morning we started our project, but we are keeping it under wraps until Fortress Wales. Many thanks to the boys who turned up to help build the project. Big thanks to Johns parents for letting us use the barn on their farm.


October - Private Battle/Training Weekend

Well we had a excellent time. I think the company we had made it a excellent event. A very big thank you to the boys from Tiger 1 and for the Germans who came up from Cornwall.

We arrived on Friday had a good chat around the camp fire. Saturday had a good breakfast cooked for us and hot cups of tea. Health and Safety was talked about and ruled on. The day started with the Germans taking to the field first and the day started slowly we had to work and find them. Saturday finished with corned beef stew and a evening sat having a good chat and some beers in the hut. As it was Michaels birthday we had some sandwich's and goodies to munch on in the late evening.

Sunday started with another breakfasts and mugs of tea to get us started for the day. It was agreed that we would finish at 12ish so everyone could get packed up and head off home, some had a 4/5 hour journey home. We decided to use the pine wooded area as our battling area. Skirmishes took place and a good sense of achievement was felt by both sides. 

A big thank you to Martin who bought his big gas cooker along. To Sam for taking some of the Germans out in his Jeep to show them the site and where to go to set up some positions for attack.

A great time was had by all and we hope to have more events like this in 2009.

July - War and Peace

Well most of us arrived on Wednesday/Thursday and we shopped til we dropped. Friday onwards was display. Chris came down from Bristol on the train and yes we did toast his 21st birthday. Its a shame he slept most of the next day. I would like to Welcome a new member Matt Price. Welcome aboard hope you enjoyed yourself and did not get to drunk.

Well we had a good event. Sam drove everyone around the 4 & 4 course in his jeep and we managed to get the Bren Gun Carrier up into 3 gear. Many thanks to those for turning up - Ieuan Sidney, Rob Wilkins, Phil Barrow, Alan Winslade, John Shears, Chris Grigg, Sam Fletcher and Matt Price. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

June - Veterans Day Cardiff

June - D-Day Living History

May - Fortress Wales

April - Longmore Private Battle

Well this battle was at Longmore and was a invite only by the SBG. We had a great house with hot water and the heating system worked and we had a shower that worked great. The people who attended where - Ieuan Sidney, Robert Wilkins, Alan Winslade, Michael Stoneman, Phil Barrow, Chris Grigg, John Shears, Sam Fletcher. I would like to thank the new boy at this show Sam Fletcher, for putting 100% in and for also taking some cracking photos. Well done to all those who attended.

Some short films to watch:

March - Site Meeting Margam Park

Well the site meeting was held on the March 29th 2008. 9 members turned up in kit to show there support and to also do some drill, have a meeting and run through the plans for this show


October - Private Training and Battle Weekend

Excellent time was had by all. Many thanks for all those that travelled to our Private Battle. We had a good weekend

September - Tredegar House

Well we had a good show. The general public enjoyed our display and a lot of people where very impressed with the Bren Gun Carrier.

September - The Victory Show

The Victory Show 2007 what can i say about our first visit here. Excellent Show, Excellent Venue, Excellent Public Battle, Excellent Team who run it. The only thing that spolit it for us is that we broke a spring on the Bren Gun Carrier and so could not take her. Everyone had a great time.

July - The War and Peace Show, Beltring

Well what can we say about Beltring. It Rained. It was very muddy, We had the Bren Gun Carrier on Display.

Paul arrived on Tuesday as the Carrier was transported down to the show. We parked her in our display area which had been saved for us ( a very big thanks to Gregg and the living history field team). On Wednesday night Ieuan and Michael turned up and John and Rob turned up latter when we where in the beer tent. Lee turned up on Friday and so did Phil. Alan turned up on Saturday. So the group was ready for action.

We decided to dig some trenches, areas where planned and shovels where at hand, but due to needing space to move the bren carrier in and out of display, we decided one was enough. Once it started raining most of our display was under cover. Soon the mud was getting deeper and it soon became a mud bath outside the display.

I would like to thank all the boys in the group for helping with the carrier. A big thanks to the German groups for allowing us in their displays to take some photos and also to the 29th American group for letting us near their display of the V2 rocket. Also big thanks to John Norris for mentioning us in Gun Mart (October issue). We also got a photo of us in Skirmish.

Well it was the 25th Anniversary show and i think it was one of the best. We had a great time, especially riding around in the carrier and sliding around the corners with it.

Well we all went shopping and spent to much money and we all spent the night in the beer tents spending to much money but then again thats Beltring for you.

July - Private Battle

Well I can honest say that this one of the best battles we have done, not because we arranged, but to the fact that nothing went wrong and the company was excellent.

I would like to thank the Germans for turning up and for being 100% at what they do. We arrived on Friday and set up camp, Rob stayed at camp, when I returned home to pick some more kit up. I then returned with Chris in the car with me and John followed in his car. Mike and Ieuan travelled up together. The Germans arrived and was greeted by Robert. We all turned up, more tents were put up a fire was lit and we settled down for the night with some glasses of POP. Phil arrived on Saturday morning. Breakfast was cooked bacon and eggs with gallons of tea. The Germans kitted up and where given a head start of 30 mins. We followed suit and then the fun begin. We backed up at about 5pm and all went back to camp. More tea and food where supplied. We all sat around the camp fire and drank pop and had a good talk and laugh. We where woken up the next morning by the cook at 8.10am, bacon and eggs with tea and coffee where dished out to anyone who wanted it. We started battling at 10am but it was agreed by all to pack in at 1pm as camp had to be packed up and the Germans had a long journey home. I would like to thank Adam, Mark, Eddie Steve and ?. I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. We hope to run this event again this year, but with about 15 on each side. Our thoughts go out to Alan who was unable to attend due to a family death.

Kemble MVT Show

Well Because the weather was terrible, we decided to only attend this show on the Sunday. The weather rained on us, we did not take any display kit, just did a walking display. We had a good response from the general public, who stopped us for photos.  A lot of the vehicles had pulled out and the stall holders where having a rough time. We had a chat to some of the groups who where still on site, but most where packing up and getting ready to pull out.

Well I would like to welcome another new member to the group his name is John and he has got most of his own kit and he picked up some at the show. Hope you enjoyed yourself and did not get put off by the rain.

We did enjoy watching the spitfire, hurricane and dc3 take off.

Thanks to everyone who turned up I know it was to long to come for just one day for some. Rob I hope the little ones are better. Family always comes first. You just missed getting very wet. But i was pleased with what we did in the few hours we where there.

May - Fortress Wales

Well this was out first time at helping to organise a event in Wales, and i must say we have been given the green light to start planning it for next year. I will comment on the SWB side of this show and will post pictures of the event and information for next years show at a latter date. 

This was a multi-period event held in Margam Country Park it was organised by Buck (C.U.R.S) and Wendy. We had a good show from the WW2 side of things and some good vehicles turned up. I would like to thank all the members of the group for taking part, some members where not present due to work and family commitments - Mr Paul Sidney, Mr Rob Wilkins, Mr Alan Winslade, Mr Ieuan Sidney, Mr Phil Barrow, Mr Micheal Stoneman, Mr Chris Griggs, Mr Paul Bouchon.

Special Guests for the day - Mr Martin Delaney, Father Jack (Nigel), Mr J Prince. Mrs Julie Barrow (nice to meet you, Nurses uniform next year has been requested), 

Well Wendy and I went to the show on Thursday to drop the tents off in the woods, but what did we find in the woods blue bells. This meant we had to downsize the display area and come out on to the outside of the wood, we could have moved to another wood but we decided to stay put. We returned home and had a good nights sleep. Went back on Friday in the morning and took more kit down again. Meet up with Buck and started welcoming the sellers and other re-enactment groups who had started to turn up early to set up.

On Saturday Ieuan turned up and Alan and started helping digging the trenches. An old friend of the group Jothan turned up as Airbourne to help support the event. Chris turned up in a taxi after catching the train to Port Talbot. Martin and Nigel turned up in the afternoon. A lot of general public where already taking notice of us and some said they would return to see the displays and arena events on Sunday/Monday.

Our numbers where starting to grow and the fire was lit at night and out came the beer. On Sunday we saw Rob, Phil, Stoneman and Paul turn up. Our numbers where swelling. We had a good day with the general public, Martin was excellent on the loudspeaker when we entered the arena he give the general public a good and honest talk until he called us the foot and mouth. Sunday night saw Martin and Nigel returning back home due to work. Monday was a bad day due to the rain and wind we had in the night some tents had come down around the site and one of the sellers had lost his display tent. The general public where about and the weather improved. 

I would like to thank everyone for their help in digging the trenches and filling them back in, pulling down the tents and general helping in packing everything away and helping me bring it back home. We have had good feedback from the Park and have been given the green light for 2008. 

February - Film Shoot - The SWB Do German

We were recently asked by a film company if we could recommend anyone that could help them to portray German soldiers in France in about 1943. We told them that we could help as long as we could borrow a bit of extra kit to what we already own ourselves. The first time they used us it was in the oldest cinema in the UK. They need us for another 2 days and I will post the pictures and hopeful some film of us filming them filming us. Other members of the group will be used hopefully next time

February - A Private Battle organised By SBG 

Thanks to everyone for turning up especially the enemy. Turn out - Paul Sidney, Robert  Wilkins, Ieuan Sidney, Michael Stoneman, Lee Gregory. 

Well four of us jumped into one car with all the kit. It was bit of a squash but we set off on the journey to Mildenhall by Bury St. Edmunds. We met Lee there, he must have felt lost as he was the only Brit there in Tommy kit till we arrived. As we were a bit late we quickly got into our kit and loaded up our mags! We then started battling through buildings. We soon had the mortar out working the Germans new we had arrived. We then attacked the German HQ pounding them with mortars. But unfortunately the big bad bren decided to run out of ammo, an some of us got taken out. We then had lunch and swapped around, we had to defend our HQ and nearby village. Lee and I defended the village. Paul Rob and Ieaun took up position around the HQ with mortar holding the German advance Lee and I held the village as long as we could but got fort back by a hell of a lot of Germans we wasn’t going down without a fight! We then retreated back to the rest of the section to here over the marshals radio “the Germans are advancing to the allies HQ,……..oh no there not the welsh have just turned up” we fort as best we could but all got shot.

Back at HQ Ieaun lay down a hell of a lot of mortar rounds as myself Rob and Lee flanked around the German advance. we took a few out but despite our best efforts, got over powered again! But still they couldn’t get past our mortar team of Ieaun and Paul. All in all was a good day out had by all cheers guys!

January - Training and Health and Safety with Skimishes with Kompine

Well we travelled up early in the morning. It was a cold morning but once we had brewed up we decided to go and have a health and Safety talk run through a few rules and regs about BF`s. We arranged with KP1 and the FG boys to have a Skirmish in the afternoon just to practice attacking and defending. I would like to welcome Phil Barrow to the group welcome aboard. Some of the group could not attend due to work and illness. Many thanks to those who turned up - Paul Sidney, Ieuan Sidney, Rob Wilkins, Michael Stoneman, Alan Winslade, Phil Barrow. A big thanks to Martin Delaney for organising this event.


November - Training, H & S Weapons drill and Photo Shot 

We held this event on Saturday the 18th November, the reason was because Malvin sale is on the 19th and so it makes a good weekend for us. The reason for this training day was because we had 4 new members join us and i wanted them to met the group, run through the H & S of the blank firing weapons, do a bit of  basic drill and to be introduce to our new bit of kit the BREN GUN Carrier. Some members of the group could not make this weekend due to work, family and lack of money. I would like to thank those who turned up and to the new members Welcome on Board. A big thank you also to Steff from Newport for allowing us to use his ground for this event.

September - Tredegar House Vintage Rally

Tredegar House is a charity that is held in Wales. We have supported this event for many years. The following people went - Mr Paul Sidney, Mr Alan Winslade, Mr Ieuan Sidney, Mr Rob Wilkins, Mr Michael Stoneman.

We set up some of the display Saturday evening Alan arrived and I  would like to thank him for travelling from Farnham. Rob turned up about a hour latter and so we went decided what was going where and how. We where expecting a jeep to be included in our display but Phil could not make it to the show, so we where jeep less. Saturday night was spent swapping stories around the American Civil War encampment, they had a excellent fire and where excellent company. Sunday we saw the arrival of the 2 young ones who had been out clubbing all night so, we did not get much help off them until they had a sleep. The general public started coming into the show at 10 am and i must say the sun was out and so was the general public in force. We had a good show and we also went on Patrol in the courtyard of the house. I would like to thank all the boys for the hard work they put in to the display, for the information they gave to the general public and of course for turning up to help me.

September - Swindon and Cricklade Railway 

The show started on Saturday, it was a quiet start to the event. Mike had done a great job of organising and supplying most of the display. Which many people took photos of, they where keen to capture the equipment we had on display and the boys in the battledress uniform. The weather was great all weekend. R Pitt  and his wife brought along 2 vehicles. After having a full breakfast to start the day we spent some time chatting to the public. They asked many questions about our uniforms,  and our weapons  which we quite happily answered. Late afternoon we got all our kit on and took part in a field exercise with the Wiltshire's "Thanks Boys". We capped a great day off by having a film crew film us attacking a enemy bunker. You can find the dvd at Railway shop. Thanks to all members of the group for turning up.

July - Beltring

Well first of all I must say, I have never been so cooked as we all where at Beltring. Hot Hot Hot. Paul, Ieuan and Michael arrived on Wednesday, we went to see Greg who is in charge of the living history displays and was given the choice of 3 areas we choice the one that was near to the one we had last year. We marked the area and stringed it off and left a sign there.

We checked on it several times, but by Thursday afternoon someone had pinched it off us and set there display in it. Wendy got hold of Rex and Greg and complained strongly. We were given another pitch but it was to small to display on and we just fitted the Tent on it. 

A new member of ours arrived on Thursday his name is Rob he brought his brother with him for the company on the long journey down. Lee turned up as well on Thursday. Mike, Tony, Chris and Andrew turned up Thursday night. Mucker and Matt turned up Friday.

We had a 100% turnout and I am sad that Russell could not do the patrol walk with us to the church or the tank. He is in only a few photos, but he was there. So by Friday night the South Wales Borderers where all ready for the beer tent. I must say now that we have a lot of youngsters under the age of 21 its like having a group of peacocks with you when you go to the beer tent, but we had a good laugh and a very good drink, well it was very hot. 

We had a excellent day on Saturday and YES it rained for about 20 mins and everyone just stood in it to cool off but we where dry very soon once the sun same out. We would like to thank the 29 th  USA group for allowing us into there display, they had built a bombed out church this year. I would like to thank Tiger 1 for also allowing us to climb on there Tiger. We all enjoyed the show, we sweated, drank, shopped, drank, slept and drank but then again that’s Beltring for you.

June - Kemble Airfield 

Well we had a good time at Kemble we WON best Re-enactment Group. I would also like to introduce a new friend of ours who decided he liked the look of us and came over for a talk and ended up playing the part of German prisoner for us his name is Lee Gregory. Welcome aboard Lee, you will see Lee dressed as a German at future events with us.

Paul and Ieuan arrived on Thursday, Mike, Tony, Chris and Andrew arrived on Friday. We were told this was a 3 day event but on Friday not many people turned up so we did not display for long. The weather well it was very hot and wearing Brit Wool uniforms is a no no so we made a shelter out of one of the tents and stayed under it for health and safety reasons. Saturday was a excellent day everyone enjoyed driving around in Russell’s Lorry, we took part in the arena event. Tony and Andrew had a family event on, so they returned home. Sunday, saw another very hot day, Lee came and joined us and played a German prisoner for us. We won the Award for best Re-enactment Group so that put the icing on the cake for us. I would like to thank everyone who helped out Bernie and Wendy, you take some cracking photos. Thanks to everyone who turned up.

April - The National Battle Swynnerton

We arrived on Friday evening, the weather was raining. After some sleep we got ready and then waited for our orders and objective for the day. We worked well with the other British Infantry groups there. Many Thanks to those who travelled to this event - Paul Sidney, Mike Smith, Tony Smith, Chris Hewlitt, Mucker, Matt, Ieuan Sidney, Andrew Smith, Russell Pitt and Stoneman.

March - Malvern Three Counties Showground Military Sale 

After our long and hard day of training on Sunday we took ourselves off to Malvern sales. Some of the boys wore uniform and we had some very good feedback on this and also a lot of interest off the general public.

January - Gun Mart Photo Shoot and Training Day

Earlier this year we were asked to do a photo shoot with Gun Mart Magazine so decided to combine it with a training day for future battles.  I would like to thank John Norris and his wife for travelling down to see us on our private training day, we were training for the future battles we will be attending. As usually it rained, it was muddy and cold. We had a good meeting back at the units commanders house and talked about our future plans and events. I would like to thank everyone who turned up for the day. We hope to see the end results of the photo shot in Gun Mart and I would like to thank again John and his wife for walking the Welsh Mountains with us.



Well it was a nice cold sunny day when we arrived the usual suspects were there to be shot at. We had short small battles. The enemy took control of the bunkers and we attacked, then all change. Ok I know the site is small but its a good site with small numbers and we always have a good time there. As you can see from the photos we enjoyed our selves and we wasted the usual amount of ammo. Well done everyone and thanks to the enemy for turning up.


Well what can I say about Belting. Paul and I arrived on Thursday, at about 7am set up tent then Mike turned up with his wife Claire and son Owen, its nice to have a female to talk and have a laugh with, welcome Claire. We went onto show ground to find our display area but was informed that everyone had had pinched everyone's space so it was first come first served. After the nice gentleman in charge of living history drove me around on a quad bike to show me different areas. I chose one on the main outside walk around, (better to be on the outside than in the middle).  

We set a 2 man tent up put a sign up saying SWB and then went shopping. Mike and the rest of the Borderers where caught up in traffic on the dreaded M25 and so arrived very late on Friday afternoon, tired and glad to have cup of coffee when they got out of the van. Soon had there tent up and settled ready for a weekend at Belting. Well uniforms were out bottles of beer in hand and off we went to the beer tent for a good night. 

Saturday saw us up some with headaches others with questions of what happened last night. A display was put up in the area (big thank you to the boys for putting a lot of effort into the display). Then all the boys where sent off shopping and Wendy Volunteered to look after the display for 2 hours. At about 1pm everyone but full battle kit on and the order was given for a patrol to be sent out. We would like to thank the US 29th for allowing us to walk thought there display and pose in of there captured German gun emplacement. We then after a while went back to the display and stood around talking to the general public.The display was packed up at about 4.30 because everyone was hungry and wanted to go shopping again. In the evening some put there kit on or any other uniform they had with them and another night was spent in the beer tents. Next morning it started raining, Paul and Wendy decided to make tracks home.It rained all day It was a wash out. Everyone packed up and went there own way home.Mike and the boys got stuck again on the M25.

Well what can say about Belting Plenty to buy, you need plenty of money and of course Belting Dust. Thanks to everyone and the effort they put in. You lot are 100% guys.

September - Tredegar House

Well, Tredegar House Classic Car Show was held on 18th September. We put up a excellent display, it is a local event and it is a good show to attend for us. We had a excellent day,

September - Forest of Dean Railway

The Event took place on the 24/25 September. We all arrived ready to set up our display. As usually we where on the hard ground,so wooden pegs where splitting and lots of rude words where said. Russell turned up in his vehicle, so space was made for that. Forest of Dean is a small show with a public battle staged. All the members of the group attended so I had a 100% turnout. It was great to see some many SWB`s on the battle field. The dirty Germans won on Saturday, but we gave them a good pasting on Sunday and the crowd cheered us on. Everyone enjoyed their hangovers and the battling and that's what makes a good weekend show.

Mereworths Woods 05

The above event took part on the 26th/27th November it was a very cold weekend and snow was forecast all over the country. This was a 36 hour event, but due to the cold and that we could not get there any earlier we decided to go down on Friday night and book into a nice warm hotel. We all enjoyed it and on Saturday evening went out for a meal together and some socialising. Only 3 members battled on Sunday, this was due to having to travel home and because of the weather.

Mereworth Woods is an MOD site it is a excellent woody area with lots of crossroads and road systems. The decision was taken for this battle that shovels would not be worn due to health and safety of the group eg in bad weather conditions for slips and falls.  

Battle Report From Michael

Friday night started well with 7 of us actually making it to the B&B in time to find a pub for a beer or 2 ... which went down quite well after such a long drive. Up early Sat morning for a hearty breakfast before a good day battling.

Arrived on site just in time for map allocation and set off, with Kevin joining us, therefore making 8 of us Borderers, linking up with the Hampshires and some Dutch lads, amounting to about 28 grouped together ... excellent battle plan, with objectives set and adhered to quite strictly. No sign of Jerry for a while until we were into about the third checkpoint when all hell broke loose, as Kevin and Mucker had spotted them approaching but no one believed them until they were firing at us! Good fun as showed what it was probably like to stumble upon the enemy without expecting it? This Scout party of theirs was rapidly dispatched by overwhelming fire-power from our groups, so on to the next set of objectives. 

Took a while to find Germans again, due to the fact that they had been digging in further into the woods rather than defending the positions they were supposed to... but eventually we routed them out, with a few good skirmishes, the usual tempers flying, and a few expletives exchanged! We even managed to brew up a cuppa mid-battle, but it was undrinkable as someone had forgotten the instant milk. Came across a good defensive position held by Jerry with a couple of MG's dug in, we out manoeuvred them and wiped them out, with just a couple of casualties, not forgetting Paul sacrificing himself so I could finish off the last German who was well hidden. 

Finally we linked back up with the other units and set off for the final objective of the day, this is where we met our match, too many of the buggers, as they got us all eventually, though there were some good attempts from our lads, especially Mucker who survived the longest and took out an MG nest with 3 Germans in single handedly, not bad with a bolt action rifle! Well that wrapped up Saturday for us, so it was back for a quick shower, change of clothes and ... yes - the pub! Well you need to replenish the lost fluid?

A great night locally with verbal re-runs of the battle, and promises of tomorrow's another day. As it happened, only 3 of us actually made it to the battle on sunday, we headed off into the woods following the sound of distant gunfire, only to be ambushed by 3 Germans, Andrew ( scratchy ) getting hit before he fired a shot! Mucker and i managed a little better, i was able to stalk the retreating Germans until i was knocked out by a sniper, only when we located each other again did we realise we had unknowingly probed the complete German defensive position, with a camp full of them awaiting the allied onslaught! 

So off we set in a different direction, still determined to find some Tommy's. Instead we found an american unit who were battling hard against over whelming odds, we even received friendly fire! nothing new there i guess! 

Comically, Andrew was out again, still without firing a shot! Some you win, some you lose. Mucker and I ended up pinned behind a couple of trees, taking pot-shots at anything that moved. Eventually we were over-run, but was informed that the yanks had retreated and we had held up the advance of over 15 Germans ... ha!

All in all, a fantastic weekend had by all, a word of thanks for the invite from Pete who organised it, and did a fabulous job! A site well worth travelling to any time.

2004 and before

The 60th Anniversary of D-Day, France

Last year like most re-enactors, was dominated by our trip to France. We all met up on the 4th June and walked and talked through yet again what we had planned to do, but due to the security and the close down of the area we had to make some changes.The SWB`s landed on D-Day at about 10 am on Le Hemel in the Gold area. As you can see from the photos we where all kitted up in full battle kit with our feet wet. Due to security and events beyond our control we had to move our Honour Walk to the 5th June. 

We all arrived, kitted-up and walked onto the beach of Le Hemel, we had a good reception and was given a round of applause by the locals and visitors. We then left the beach and patrolled the main street leading to the main village of Le Hemel where we laid a wreath at the stone memorial of the South Wales Borderers. All the traffic stopped and a large crowd gathered round us as we stood for a minutes silence in honour of the bravery of all men who fought on that day on the beaches. We then walked through the main street out into the countryside. It was very difficult to get into a march due to the amount of cars stopping and asking for photos and the locals running out of their houses asking to have their photos take with us.

We managed to walk about 5 miles inland, but had to stop due to a police road block and being turned back. We hope in the near future to go back and complete the walk in full kit, (we have done the walk before but not in kit). We then turned around and matched back to Le Hemel and back onto the beach where we where interviewed by the TV crews who had turned up After more photos and many handshakes off locals and visitors, we decided to break and yes have a cup of tea.

We then decided to travel up the road and visit our friends the Hampshire's who where sited at the Green Howard's site doing a display. After a while we decided to say our goodbyes and un-kitted and went off to our camp sites for a good drink and a deep think of what we had achieved today in the memory of the South Wales Borderers.

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