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I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock it was 6am and time to get up for work but this morning I felt different somehow the dreams I have been having had been making me feel quite restless. Every dream was the same I'd be lying in my bed asleep and I'd awake to find a hole in my bedroom wall.

I would get out of bed and walk toward the hole and I would be met by two very strange looking beings I would then be taken aboard some sort of pale blue metallic craft and the next thing I knew I'd wake up back in my bed.

But the two red marks on the side of my neck seem to be getting bigger every day and I'm getting so very very tired. Wait a minute this can't be happening the hole in the wall, it's there am I still in a dream, I pinch myself. Ouch that hurt this must be real, dare I go and take a look. I walked slowly over to the hole in the wall taking very great care not to be seen I learn my head around and peer into the hole and I can't believe my eyes. The blue metallic ship is there and I can see at least six small beings working away under the ship and the door of the ship is open.

I made my way slowly toward the ship being very careful not to be seen. I crept silently through the door. The inside of the ship was pale metallic blue the same as the outside but lining the walls on both sides I could see huge tanks filled with what looked like blue liquid. Suddenly I heard a noise and ducked down between the tanks so I could not be seen. As I watched two small beings walked onto the ship between them was a man who looked as if he was sleep walking. Suddenly up from the floor came a table and he lay down without being told Then from the side of the table a large pipe appeared with what looked like double needles at the end and one of the little creatures proceeded to put the needles into the side of the man's neck.

Suddenly I had a strange feeling about what was in the tanks on either side of the ship, The creatures where draining people of blood and storing it in tanks aboard their ship. Suddenly I felt sick to my stomach. Mankind was being milked like cattle and we had no idea it was happening but who would believe me. If anything could be done I would have to do it. My luck seemed to be in, the creatures had left the man alone on the table. I walked over and pulled the needles from is neck in disgust, and began to shake the man to wake him. He awoke with a jump and I placed my hand over his mouth to stop him making a sound. When he was fully awake I took my hand away and he said 'what the hell is going on I was in bed asleep. Where the hell am I '

Telling him the story as fast as I could and after he had a quick look around he could do nothing but believe me. How many of these strange ships are here and how long had they been milking humanity we had no idea but we knew it had to be stopped. Suddenly everything started to shake and before we knew it the ship was moving heading out into space. Looking about the ship we found a view port and from this we watched as earth got smaller and smaller. Then from another port we could see a small ship getting bigger and bigger until it was so big we could see nothing else then we where inside it and everything went very quiet.

The door of the ship opened and we made a dash for freedom but as we reached the door the real horror of what was going on was all to plain. For what seemed like a mile in either direction were huge tanks filled with human blood we ran quickly and hid between the tanks hoping that we would not be discovered. From our hiding place we watched as the ship was unloaded of its cargo of liquid humanity and felt disgusted as one of the creatures took a cup and filled it to the brim and after taking his fill offering it around to the other creatures who drank it with glee.

We slowly moved around the ship still taking it all in it was like some horrible dream that we both wanted to wake up from but try as we might we could not, and just as we thought things could not be any worse we turned a corner and found a room filled with rows and rows of glass tanks and in each tank could be seen what looked like a huge brain being fed from tubes leading from the large tanks of blood. I turned to my friend and said with a smile "I think we have the brains of the operation " he said " this is no time for jokes". If we can destroy this room I think we can destroy the ship. But how we would do it I had no idea hidden away in a corner we found what looked like a computer terminal and after looking through the files that for some reason where all in English we found out that these creatures where in fact human beings from the future and that they had been milking humanity for a very long time.

There had been a war and the future earth had become a wasteland and the only way they could live was by drinking the blood of their ancestors after reading this it did nothing to stop our quest.

Humanity living off the blood of others was no humanity at all, the ship and everything in it had to be destroyed. Using the computer we found all the information we needed to blow the ship to kingdom come but just as we where about to put our plan Into action, two of the creatures appeared and we found ourselves unable to move we seemed to be encased in some sort of beam. Then into the room walked three more of the strange beings or our ancestors as we found out from the computer. They looked at us with their large black eyes but they made no sound. The beam holding us vanished but we still could not move they came closer running their long spindly fingers all over our bodies then suddenly I started to hear a voice in my head I could tell by looking at my friend he could hear them too. "How did you get here " then another voice said " They must be killed " then a third voice said " Take them to the laboratory" with this our feet began to move and we had no choice but to go along with them.

We walked for what seemed an age but the strange thing was I felt like my legs did not belong to me. They moved all by themselves. At last we reached a dimly lit room filled with strange looking tables and on each table was a human head with an assortment of tubes coming and going from each one, my eyes could not believe what they where seeing and my mind did not want to take it in. We were then told via the voices in our heads that the heads belonged to people they had picked up over the years and they kept them this way to be able to collect information when they needed it and that very soon we would be joining them. Then just for a few seconds I felt no longer under their control and in a mad panic I smashed one of the creatures against a wall and kicked another and ran for my life.

Having no idea where I was going I just kept running until I could not see any creatures in sight. I then found a corner and hid there until I could stop myself from shaking ..and all I could think of was please let this be a dream let me wake up please let me wake up. But this was no dream and I had to find a way to kill these bloodsuckers. Remembering my way from the plans I'd seen on the computer screen I made my way to the far side of the ship and into the weapons room.

This was unguarded, guess they never had a lot of trouble with anyone after the weapons I found what looked like some large handgranades and put as many inside my shirt as I could carry the only plan I could think of was to throw the lot into the warp core of the ship and run like hell. So with my shirt full of grenades off I went. It took a while but at last I found the warp core after kicking and smashing a few creatures whom I found to be quite delicate, I pushed all the grenades in the core, pulled the pin on one and ran as fast as my legs would carry me.

Within seconds I had been blown off my feet and the flames and the sounds of alarms seemed to be everywhere. It seemed my little plan had worked. All I had to do now was find my friend and get the hell off the ship. Then it hit me who the hell do I think I am Bruce Willis? I'm not getting out of this alive but I gota try. So with the ship full of smoke and alarms going off all over the place I headed for the last place I'd seen my friend. After what seemed like hours of looking I at last found the room.

My friend was strapped down to a table but I was to late his head had been removed and it lay on the table next to him. The creatures had left it when all the ships alarms had gone off. Well at least he did not have to suffer like the others feeling very sick to my stomach I turned and ran.

Now all I had to do was find a way off the ship. Looking around me at the way everything was falling apart I didn't have much time left the air on the ship was turning into poison now and I could see lots of the creatures lying dead. They must have been very anaemic beings and could not handle the change in the air when it filled with smoke. My chest was getting very painful now and I was not sure how much longer I could keep going. I just had to find a way out. Finding a computer terminal I searched the ship's database as fast as I could, my eyes now feeling very painful. I knew I did not have much time and the ship could blow at any moment . At last I found out how they got people on and off the ship along with a list of names and numbers that seemed to be linked to the home addresses of their victims and mine was top of the list. If I could just reach a transporter terminal I'd be home and dry.

My luck was in, a transporter terminal was on the deck above me so I made my way up as fast as I could things by now where getting very bad the ship was falling apart. I made a dash for the transporter and punched in the numbers I had found. Suddenly a hole appeared and through it I could see my bedroom I jumped through just as the ship disintegrated behind me. Landing with a bump on the bedroom floor the hole closed behind me. Getting up off the floor I clasped onto the bed. The last thing I remember before I fell into a deep sleep was looking at the clock it was 6.05am. When I did awaken again it was 3pm, the sun was coming in through my window and it looked a lovely day outside. All I kept asking myself was did I dream it all, was it real? But it had to be real if it wasn't real where the hell did all the blood on my clothes come from? Till this day no one will believe me, but I know it happened but I know one thing for sure they'll not get me again and the next person who tells me the marks on my neck are hickeys is going to get it real good ..The End

Them!! Book Two 

It's been over a week now since my encounter with the creatures and the marks on my neck or hickeys as my friends choose to call them are almost gone. No one will believe a word of my story and to be honest the more time that passes the less I believe it myself but it did happen I know it did, but I have no proof at all, and the dreams are gone too. Maybe I killed them all? I sure hope I did but something deep inside me tells me they are still around.

I've been talking to a guy I met in the bar the other night and he said the same strange thing happened to him. He was getting the dreams too but he could not get anyone to believe him either. He now belongs to a group of people who have all seen these creatures and I'm going off to meet them right now. It's now been two weeks since I had that meeting and you're not going to believe the tale I am about to unfold. I met the man outside the bar as arranged and got into his car. We drove for what seemed quite a few miles till we reached an old Farmhouse. By now it was getting quite dark and the farmhouse windows gave off a strange glow that gave me quite a chill.

We reached the door of the farmhouse and my friend beckoned me to enter, in the dimly lit room I could see ten people sitting around a table. They all seemed strangely alike and when my friend entered I could see why. They all looked like him! I knew right there that something was up but before I could do a thing I found I was unable to move, I had been frozen to the spot. The creatures had me again or so I thought.

One of the group at the far end of the table stood up and spoke in a clear almost perfect english saying we have no plans to hurt you we just wish to talk. With this I found I could move once more and the man began to speak. He told me that they were not the same race as the creatures I had encountered but that they had come from the future in the same way that the other creatures had done. They had once been the slaves of the creatures but they had all escaped and now

They wanted my help. I was told a terrible tale of how they had all been cloned and used for their blood by the creatures who treated them as subhuman animals. They had been tracing the time line to find out how these creatures had come about and they had found out that a new drug that had been developed in the 21st century was the beginning of the end for humanity, and that if they could stop this drug from being developed then they could change the time line and save humankind.

They had found the place where the drug was being manufactured but so far they had been unable to gain access to the building it was a well-guarded place way out in the countryside.

The creatures are also hampering their attempts at destroying the drug as this would mean an end to them and their way of life. I told them I was only one man and what could I possibly do to help they where quite surprised at hearing this. They told me I had become quite a legend on the future earth after they found out about me destroying one of the creature's ships. Upon hearing this what could I do I had to help. Myself and one of the clones where taken to a room where the time displacement device was situated. I was told we would have to go back in time to 1972 to a time just before the drug had been developed and destroy a chemical plant about two miles from the farmhouse. It had been worked out that if this was done the drug would never be developed and the time line would change.

They knew full well this would also mean the end for them but they knew it was something that had to be done. Stepping into the device I felt very uneasy I sure hoped it was going to work. I was told it would be over very quickly and I would feel no pain but somehow this didn't help at all; I closed my eyes and felt a tingling feeling. Then a push as if I was flying through the air, then nothing at all. When I came around the clone was standing over me and we were by the side of a country road. It was just starting to get dark so we looked around for somewhere to spend the night. Seeing an old barn about half a mile away we headed for that. By the time we had reached it the night was upon us. I lay back on the straw in the barn watching the stars through a crack in the roof. Suddenly I noticed one of the stars seemed to be getting brighter and brighter. I nudged my friend and he looked up and said" it's time to move the creatures have found us" but as we headed for the barn door the barn filled with a very bright light and we found ourselves unable to move.

In an instant we found ourselves on board a ship encased in a force field of some sort being peered at by a dozen of the strange big eyed creatures. I whispered to my clone friend and told him to get ready for when they dropped the force field as we would have a second before they could take over our minds and this would give us enough time to fight back. Just as I finished telling him they dropped the force field and I lashed out with my feet and fists as hard as I could. Upon seeing this the clone joined me and we must have killed at least five of the six creatures before the last one ran off for help guess they needed a few more of them for mind control. After making our escape we discovered this was just a small scout ship and not one of the larger ones and by the look of the seating arrangements it only had a crew of six so we only had one creature to deal with so we thought, but on looking about the ship we could not find him anywhere.

We did find a small teleportation device so we assumed he got away at last we had something we could use. After looking at the controls we found them a little small but easy to understand so we had the ship under control in no time. Now all we had to do was find the chemical plant and we could carry out our plan but just as we thought things had started going our way two jet fighters buzzed us, somehow we must have been picked up on radar. Not wanting to hurt anyone we flew off as fast as we could and with the speed this thing could fly. I doubt they even seen us go. Using the tracking system on the ship we found the chemical plant and within seconds we had the ship right above it. Now came the moment of truth could we change history by destroying this plant and would it be right to kill everyone in it. There had to be another way. Landing the ship in a small valley about half a mile from the plant we headed toward it making our plans to get inside. Having reached the outskirts of the chemical plant we looked around for a way in. The place was well guarded, too well guarded if you asked me. Why would they have armed soldiers at the gate and patrolling the grounds unless they knew something was going to happen?

We found a small gap in the fence and waited till the guard had passed by then we made our move we followed the wall of the building around until we found a door making sure not to make any noise we forced it open and we were inside at last. We found a store cupboard and got ourselves a white coat each and set about finding any information we could about the drug.

We found now we were inside we could move about quite freely the place was full of other people in white coats all too busy it seemed to bother about us. We even went into the plant canteen and got talking to one of the assistant chemists who was very happy to tell us what all the fuss was about.

They had invented a new anti-ageing drug and it was top secret no one was allowed to come in or go out of the plant. This had to be the drug we had come to destroy but how could we do it without killing anybody that was the problem. I had a plan in the making but first we had to make it back to the ship. Back on the ship we looked around to see what we could find to work with. I sat at the computer terminal and started finding out all I possibly could about the ship.

At last I found what I had been looking for the ship had a time displacement device that's how they would kidnap their victims. It was also fitted with a memory ray that would wipe all memory from the victims; this was just the thing we needed. All we hoped was that it would work on such a large scale as the Chemical plant. We waited until nightfall then flew the ship over the plant.

Flying the ship over the top of the plant we set the time displacement device into action and then used the teleportation device to beam us right into the plant. Everything in the plant but us had been frozen in time and we could move about freely. It was like being in a large wax museum a very strange feeling indeed. We found the drug and deleted all the information we could find then using the mind control device we moved everyone out of the building and at least half a mile down the road. We then beamed back to the ship and blew the plant to Smithereens, not a brick was left standing. We then disengaged the time displacement device and got the hell out from there. Just as I was about to set the time shift back to 2005 the sixth creature that had been hiding on the ship come up from behind me and sank his teeth into my neck.

The clone who had been near by grabbed him and smashed his head against the side of the ship but not before the time dial had gone off the scale and we had lost all control. Everything began to over-load and smoke and flames began to ignite all over the ship. This was it this is how it's going to end I thought. It's going to end in a ball of fire. Impact in five seconds said the on board computer. Then nothing everything went blank.

I came to in a white room filled with warm light. Is this heaven I thought, then a woman walked toward me. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen. "How are you feeling?" she said, "ok" I guess I said who or what are you and where am I, am I dead is this heaven? She smiled and said of course not your ship was about to impact on to earth and we saved you and your friend just in time. What year is this I asked it's 4050 she said we assume you are from another time or planet as we no longer use ships we have no need of them. Just then my clone friend woke up and came over and we told the woman. Our amazing story, she was overwhelmed with emotion.

"To think", she said, "our world would not exist if it had not been for you and your friend" she then led us to a door.

Opening the door we found ourselves in a world of outstanding beauty the air so fresh and clean plants and flowers everywhere and a beautiful blue sky the people seemed to float not walk and the buildings were few and far between. In a soft voice she told us that they did everything by the power of thought and they could be anywhere on the planet just by thinking about where they wanted to be and that if we wanted to stay we would be very welcome they would be able to make some small changes to our bodies.

And then we would be able to move about as they did even go to other planets if we wished it.

Well all this seemed very inviting but after a week I began to get a bit home sick my clone friend whom I now called Harry felt out of place. But unlike me he had nowhere to go, as his time line no longer existed so we said our goodbyes and in the blink of an eye me and Harry my new flat mate were back home.

Well not long after we moved out of the flat into our country house thanks to a little bit of info I picked up on my time travels and now Harry and me spend our time globe trotting the world thanks to the little gismos given to us by our future friends. And so far life is very very good ...

by Dennis T Baker

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