Land of My Fathers Poetry Club

Sad and Angry

There it lies this beauty ... death came today
one moment it was flying free the next life taken away
how come they let it happen to such an innocent soul
broken on the ground now and not quite whole
where was she going this beauty in the sky
out to feed her family certainly not ready to die
are they somewhere waiting for her to return
watching and waiting for her to bring the worm
will they too be victims of this terrible event
too young to survive yet their death we can't prevent
these tiny little fledglings in a nest somewhere
waiting for their mum you can almost feel the despair

But this is just another struck down without a thought
with that lethal weapon many of us have bought
The God named 'car' rules our lives today
cocooned inside, we are king, and who cares what's in the way
that perfect little beauty so graceful whilst in flight
who God had created and was such a rare delight
The handsome little hedgehog who ventured out alone
dared to cross the tarmac and never made it home
The squirrels and the rabbits they too have known this fate
wondrous little creatures who saw much too late
just going about their business in this world we share
not knowing that if they get in the way we really wouldn't care

And the carnage is never ending the sadness lingers on
when a child is the victim and their young life has gone
But is this ever considered when in the press we read
the anger of drivers when they are asked to reduce their speed
The debate is purely monitory if they have to pay a fine
if they have drove too fast and ignored the warning sign
It often makes the headlines just how unfair the law can be
but did my bird make the news today ... her life a memory
what right do we have to kill and maim like this
take the lives of wildlife ... is it so easy to dismiss
My eyes show my sadness and the anger lingers to
how can we ever stop it ... its down to me and you

By Julie Wilson

Last Modified on: 05-12-2018