Land of My Fathers Poetry Club

Our Heaven

There is a little piece of paradise right here in Cwmbran
To create our own slice of heaven was our master plan
Our toil in the soil resulted in this oasis of peace
Walk through the gate and stress finds instant release
The tinkling of the waterfall is a soothing balm
As we sip a glass of red under the flowering palm
Our Tinman sits on the deck and Rodney is his name
He watches over the goldfish and Koi who have become very tame

The early morning dew accompanies us as we wait
With our first cup of coffee and toast upon our plate
For all our little visitors who fly in as fast as they are able
To sample our hospitality there for them on the bird table
The varieties of visitors never cease to amaze
As on Starlings Jays and Magpies we fondly gaze
And as we sit there patiently it has sometimes been our luck
to have the pleasure of the company of wood pigeons and a duck!

House martins, Tits and woodpeckers have visited us through the year
Doves finches and a squirrel has shown not an ounce of fear
But if they dallied long there in order to get fat
They may become a victim of Billy our cat
But like us he just sits and watches as they hop along the fence
Its too much like hard work to chase them is his silent defence
As we sit there and watch at other times of the day
The butterflies, bees and ladybirds enter our haven there to play

Now the summer glory is nearly at its peek
We could just squeeze another lupin in if we give the beds a tweak
And as the sun goes down we have our evening retreat
A secret garden for our BBQ is a real summer treat
On a hot summer night when this oasis is very still
There creep yet more visitors for us to have our fill
There is a family of hedgehogs who regularly visit
To watch over their activities is purely exquisite

There is indeed a slice of paradise that we’ve made at our home
That we share with the wildlife and not keep for us alon

by Julie Wilson

Last Modified on: 05-12-2018