Land of My Fathers Poetry Club

Master Criminal Apprehended

You may know me as a mother
you may know me as a wife
You may know me because I sold you the house
that really changed your life
You may know me as a daughter
You may know me as a friend
You may know me as that person
Who always a hand will lend
You may know me as a poet
Who writes a ditty or two
Or you may me as the artist
Who in school guides a child for you
But I am also the person
who I never wanted to be
Because from last week
a master criminal that's me
It came as a nasty shock
What happened just last week
The unsympathetic robotic treatment
I received left me upset and very weak
All through the day I felt tearful and upset
For what I did I Know was wrong
And I really do regret
But the day did pass
And I remembered too
When I was a victim of crime
And called for help
From the boys in blue
My home had been violated
My car attacked and entered
My daughters phone was stolen
The thieves had not relented
I filled in all the forms
To report the crimes at the time
And I was given no hope
That they would ever solve the crime
And truth to tell as time went by
Their lack of effort was not a lie
In the local paper
We all read the news
Of the terrible things that is happening
And the police just have no clues
A lady in Cwmbran
Had lost her life last week
Murdered in her home
Unable to turn the other cheek
And just down the road in Malpas
A terrible deed was done
A child was abducted and attacked
and all for a weirdo's fun
That crime is not solved
or at least they tell us so
we all worry what will happen next
How far will the criminals go
We all hear not enough is done
And resources they are lacking
For our police to keep us safe
and send the criminals packing
But Christmas is coming
and funds must be found
For the Christmas 'do'
For the boys in blue and the helpers on the ground
But now at least they can boast
Finally at last
A criminal has been caught
for a crime just so vast
What is that crime that caused
my collar to be felt
I was driving from my home
Without fastening my safety belt
But rest assured I will pay my fine
or further action would be taken
But do I have faith now in our
Local police
Oh no!! you must be mistaken!!

by Julie Wilson

Last Modified on: 05-12-2018