Land of My Fathers Poetry Club


Where is this place called heaven
I've never seen it on a sign
I've been told it 'up there somewhere'
It's really supposed to be divine.
An aspiration destination
When death comes to call
We strive on earth to prepare
Treat well! mankind one and all
But do we really believe
If this heaven really exists
Our extensive knowledge now
Enable doubts to persist
And who will find this heaven
Surely more than Christians will be there
What about Sikhs and Muslims
New age and spiritualists who care
The ones who look to angels
To guide them through life's path
The Christian Scientists out there
Who can prove evolution's aftermath
I too have a theory
About Heaven and its whereabouts
As I have studied many religions
And I too have had my doubts
I read That Jesus was a spacemen
Sent from another place
His miracles explained with chemistry
Devised by a superior race
Many holy books
The Bible being just one
Tell of the coming of a saviour
God's only son.

The wording may be different
The names not the same
But the format is very similar
Belief the name of the game
So we have this place called heaven
A Utopia in our mind
The ending of a journey
When we leave this life behind
Heaven is within us
If you look carefully
Contentment within ourselves
And love eternally
So we will pay our dues
Like another insurance policy
In case we get the call
Upon the judgement day
But if it doesn't happen
And all we have is this
We would all have led better lives
So let us not dismiss
Our preparations for the journey
Into the great unknown
And live our life on this earth
With compassion always shown

by Julie Wilson

Last Modified on: 05-12-2018