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Cwmbran Modelling Society

Society Information Updates Page

Society Information Updates Page


AGM Agenda Notice



 C/o, 57 Hafod Road, Ponthir, Torfaen, South Wales. NP18 1GJ


      16th January 2018

Notice for the Society's forthcoming AGM

Dear Society Member,

                                This notice has been issued to inform you that the Society will be holding its AGM at,

Coedeva and Hollybush Community Hall



Monday 19th February 2018

Meeting to start prompt at 7.15 PM.

All members are cordially invited to attend

The Agenda for this Meeting is as Follows

  1.  Apologies for absence. (Please notify an elected officer if you are unavailable to attend this meeting)
  2.  Acceptances of Minutes of last AGM. (A copy can be found on WEB pages)
  3.  Any Matters arising from the minutes of the last AGM.
  4.  Chairman's Report.
  5.  Financial Report.
  6.  Treasurer's Proposed Subscription charges for next year, followed by a vote on actual fees.
  7.  Election of Elected Officers, Chairperson and Treasurer for years 2018 - 2020.
  8.  Election of Elected Officer, Vice Chair for year 2018 - 2019
  9.  Election of Auditor for period, March 2018 - February 2019.
  10.  Any Other AGM Related Business.

The following Items do not require an AGM meeting to ratify, so notes may be added to your AGM minutes for members reference only.

       Future Activities. (Any other business like Club nights, sailing events at Lake Etc.)

   Any Society member who wishes to stand for election in one of the above posts may do so by writing to the Secretary of the Society at the above address, at least 7 days before the AGM.

    Present elected officers only require notifying the Society Secretary if they wish to stand down.

Several members have put their names forward for the above positions at the Clubs January meeting this year.


It has been proposed that we will hold our

OPEN DAY on the Second Sunday 9th September 2018.

                Information on other club events, we tend to support, will be obtained and passed on to club members when this information becomes available.

A copy of this notice will be posted on our WEB Pages.

Ralph Davies Secretary of Society


Last Years AGM Minutes



C/o, 57 Hafod Road, Ponthir, Torfaen, South Wales. NP18 1GJ



Minutes of Society A.G.M held on the 20th February 2017

At the Coedeva and Hollybush Community Hall Cwmbran

Meeting started at 7.15 PM


E. Ivins (Chairman), D. Black (Vice Chairman), L. Cotterill (Treasurer), R. Davies (Secretary), P. Newsome (Auditor), C. Mackie, C. Lloyd, G Jelley, G. Thomson,

O. Gomersall, J. Millard, T. Millard, P. Heimler, J.Casey, D. Cox, L. Masterton, G. Thompson, T. Beddis, A. Cunningham, J. Kingsley, E. Hayes, M. Haynes,

 J. Foster, C. Trego, R. Longford, S. Osborne, A. Smith, P. Watts.

Apologies for Absence

C. Netherway, M. Parker, M. Nowosielski, B. Davies, Peter & Lorraine Rutsch, Colin & Janet Wilkins, A Webb, J McLean

Acceptances of Minutes of last AGM

       Extra copies of the minutes of the last AGM held in 2016 were available for the members present but not required. The minutes of that meeting were accepted by the members present as a true record of that meeting.

(Proposed by P. Newsome Seconded by D. Cox) and accepted by the members present

Matters arising from the minutes of the last AGM

       There were no points raised from the last AGM meeting.

Chairman's Report

     The Chairman, Eric Ivins gave the following context in his report on the Society year to members present, at this years AGM meeting. The year 2016 was a good year for the society, a year full of activities and a club with good membership numbers. He highlighted the events through out the year that the club had put on it self and events that had been organised by other clubs and organisations.

    He made several observations on the clubs activities through out the year, with regards to organised competitions and use of silt ponds on Open Day. He also said he would have liked to have seen more of the Open Day display models being used on the main lake. He mentioned and thanked the other clubs and Lucinda the Dragon and friends all had supported the club on our Open Day.

          He also mentioned the extended number of club trophies that are now available for all club members to try and win through out the year. One set for the members sailing skills, another set for their building skills and for those that can't build but take pride in their model and want to display and sail it with the rest of the club members. For all members and their models that take part in club competitions, merit awards are also given out in recognition of their involvement in the club activities.

       He thanked all the members and their guests that attended our Presentation Night that was a tremendous success, and commented that the quality of the buffet set up for the night, He also raised that the context of the night might require some fresh inputs due to the volume of items being presented.

       He said he was very happy with what the society had achieved within the local community, with the set up of the society meeting places and that to some, the club was an oasis for members to meet and share their common interest in a friendly atmosphere, companionship and giving and gaining knowledge. He thanked all those that had brought models and projects on club nights.

Lastly Eric mentioned our associated members that turn out to support us at all our events have branched off into a walking hiking set that have almost cut a grove in the path around the lake and the fact we now have a first class salvage squad that can salvage a marine craft with little more than several lengths of string a piece of bent wire a lot of shouting and arm movements.

          The Chairman thanked all the members and elected officers for their support over the last year and those present for attending this year's AGM and wished the members good sailing.

The Chairman's full report as issued to the secretary will be held in the society's files.

       The members present thanked the Chairman for his report.

Financial Report

     The treasurer, Len Cotterill, presented his report on the finances of the society till the end of December 2016.

       The balance of the society's account at the end of that year amounted to £1315.17

Extra expense for this year being spent on Society new gazebos.

Acceptance of the report. (Proposed by J Thomas Seconded by G. Jelley) and accepted by the members present

The members present eventually thanked the Treasurer for his report.

Subscription charges for next year 2017 - 2018

       Using the formula set out in the Society's constitution, the treasurer, Len Cotterill presented three proposals to the members present for the year a head subscription fee.

     The members present discussed the proposals,

No other rates were proposed by anyone else in the debate so a vote was taken on the treasures proposals. Only the first £10.00 and third proposal £15.00 resulted in these amounts being proposed and seconded. On a club vote the £10.00 fee obtaining the majority of the votes from the members present.


2017 Fee's set as follows

Full Membership (New Membership) £10.00

Full Membership (Continued Membership) £10.00

Junior Membership (New Membership) £00.00

Junior Membership (Continued Membership) £00.00

. (Proposed by P. Heimler Seconded by D.Cox ) and accepted by a majority vote of members present

Election of Elected Officers, Vice-Chairman and Secretary for years 2017- 2019

                               T. Beddis was nominated for the position of Vice-Chairman

. (Proposed by P. Watts Seconded by C. Llloyd ) and accepted by the members present

                               R. Davies was nominated for the position of Secretary

. (Proposed by G. Thomas Seconded by L. Masterton ) and accepted by the members present

Election of Auditor for period, March 2017 - February 2018

                           P. Newsome was nominated for the position of Auditor

. (Proposed by G. Thomas Seconded by P. Heimler ) and accepted by the members present

Club Models Donation Money

      The Chairperson informed the members present, that over the year a total of £75.70 was donated by Society Members and members of the public from their use of the Society's model boats. This was increased to £100.00 by club funds; this amount being donated to SPARKLE @ High Cross.

Any Other AGM Related Business

    Eric thanked the retiring Vice Chair Derek for his input as an elected officer to the club over the period of his membership of the club. It was raised by the Secretary that his loyalty to the club should be recognised by making him an honorary member of the Society. After a short discussion by members present, the motion was proposed by J. Foster and seconded by P. Watts and agreed by members present. Derek accepted the position and thanked those present.


At the completion of this years AGM's Business the meeting was closed at 8.00 PM by the Chairperson


Forthcoming Events

Jack and the Beanstalk

16 - 25/02/2018
Rainbow Valley Productions are presenting their hilarious (and occasionally scary!) version of "Jack and the Beanstalk"

The Great War Exhibition

18/02/2018 - 18/03/2018
The Great War is a well researched exhibition about WWI and will be of interest to people of all ages

Little Shooters Netball

Little Shooters provide a fun and energetic play-based netball class for kids between the ages of 2½ & 9 years old

Go Gym with Valleys Gymnastics at Pontypool ALC

Recreational gym classes for ages 4+ at Pontypool Active Living Centre
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