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Cwmbran Modelling Society

Society Information Updates Page

Society Information Updates Page


                                                                CWMBRAN MODELLING SOCIETY

                                                                C/o, 10 Meadow Way Penperlleni Pontypool NP 4 0BS


Website:- www.webster.uk.net/cwmbranmodellingsociety

Minutes of Society A.G.M held on the 19h February 2018

At the Coedeva and Hollybush Community Hall, Cwmbran

Meeting started at 7.20 PM

Present (30)

E. Ivins (Chairman), Peter Newsome (Auditor), C. Mackie (Hon.), G Jelley, J. Millard, T. Millard, , P. Heimler, D. Cox, T. Beddis, P. Watts, J. Casey, , G. Thomson,

L. Rutsch, P. Rutsch, A. Smith, O. Gomersall, J. Wilkins, C. Wilkins, C. Beddis, C. Trego, Tony, M. Bussen,, S. Busson, T. Armstrong, M. Parker, L. Masterton.

E. Hayes, A. Cunningham, R. Longford, S. Osborne,.

Apologies for Absence (6)

C. Netherway, C. Lloyd (Hon), R. Davies (Sec), B. Davies, J. Kingsley, L. Cotterill (Tresurer)

Acceptances of Minutes of last AGM

       Extra copies of the minutes of the last AGM held in 2017 were available for the members present but not required. The minutes of that meeting were accepted by the members present as a true record of that meeting.

Acceptance of AGM Minutes Proposed by E. Hayes seconded by D.Cox and accepted by the majority of members present

Matters arising from the minutes of the last AGM

       There were no points raised from the last AGM meeting.

Chairman's Report

     The Chairman, Eric gave the following context in his report on the Society year to members present, at this years AGM meeting.

Reported that the society had performed well over the last year, and it was not how the club viewed it self that counts but how it is portrayed itself to other clubs and members of the public.

          The Chairman thanked all the members for their support over the last year by helping in the running of the club, joining in with planned club activities at lakeside and away day visits, meetings and lastly those present on the night for attending this year's AGM.

          The Chairman commented on the various activities attended by the society over the year and thanked the members wives for their support on these occasions. He also stated that the club members Clair and Lorraine had added much to the club by joining sailing events and competitions, with Clair being the first lady member to win a club trophy. He also stated that club competitions had been well supported over the year and this years presentation night in November was well attended.

           The Chairman also referred to several new models finished or on the building blocks being built by society members.

            The Chairman also stated that it was nice to see Donald Taylor an associate member and a source of information on marine craft for many members is once more back at lakeside after being ill in 2017.

          He also brought to the attention of the members present, the ill health of Len Coterrill and Ralph Davies over the last year. He stated that the thoughts of the club and its membership are with them and their families over this worrying period.

Lastly he wished the club and its members a happy season ahead.

The Chairman's full report as issued to the secretary will be held in the society's files.

The members present thanked the Chairman for his report.

Financial Report

     P.Newsome, presented L. Cotterill's report on the finances of the society till the end of December 2017.

     The balance of the society's account at the end of that year amounted to £1237.19

 Acceptance of the financial report, proposed by P. Rutsch & Seconded by J Cassey and accepted by the majority of members present

     The members present thanked P. Newsome for his report.

Subscription charges for next year 2018 - 2019

Using the formula set out in the Society's constitution, P. Newsome presented a proposal set by L.Cotterill to the members present for the year a head subscription fee. The members present discussed this proposal and set up the following fee levels for the next Society year.

(1st March 2018 - End of February 2019)

Full Membership (New Membership) £15.00

Full Membership (Continued Membership) £15.00

Junior Membership (New Membership) £00.00

Junior Membership (Continued Membership) £00.00

Acceptance of subscription charges proposed by G. Thomas & Seconded by P.Rutsch and accepted by the majority of members present

Election of Elected Officers, Chairperson and Treasurer, for years 2018- 2020

                               The Chairperson E. T. Beddis was nominated for the position of Chairperson by R. Longford

Nomination proposed by J.Cassey & Seconded by L. Masterton and accepted by the majority of members present

                              The Treasurer P.Newsome was nominated for the position of Treasurer by S. Osborne

Nomination proposed by P. Heimler & Seconded by M. Parker and accepted by the majority of members present

Election of Vice Chair , Secretary and Auditor for period, March 2018 - February 2019

                     The Vice Chairperson R. Longford was nominated for the position of Vice Chairperson by T. Beddis

Nomination proposed by P. Newsome & Seconded by M. Parker and accepted by the majority of members present

                               The Secretary P. Rutsch was nominated for the position of Secretary by P. Heimler

Nomination proposed by P. Watts & Seconded by T. Millard and accepted by the majority of members present

                           The Auditor E.Hayes was nominated for the position of Auditor by J. Cassey

Nomination proposed by P.Watts & Seconded by T. Millard and accepted by the majority of members present

Club Models Donation Money

                 Money collected was mentioned at meeting but no information recorded on money collected for sparkle on the minutes received.

Any Other AGM Related Business

   J. Cassey proposed a vote of thanks to all the society elected officer for their work over the past year.

          The membership present endorsed this proposal.

          The Chair Person responded to this by commenting that members over many years have always been very help full and approachable which made the elected officers job that much easier.

At the completion of this years AGM's Business the meeting was closed at 7.55PM by the Chairperson

Please Note

The Chairman requested assistance in generating AGM Minute Notes, T. Beddis was requested to assist him on the night.


Along with this report T. Beddis and Eric's minute notes will also be included in the Secretary AGM File.


Chairman                                Vice Chairman                                Treasurer                                                Secretary

 Troy. Beddis                            Rick Longford                              Peter Newsome                               Peter Rutsch

Tel:                                    01873880731 /   07890558008                                                                                                                     

E-mail:                                petedonkey@outlook.com                                                                                                                        





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