Cwmbran Modelling Society


Membership Rates

Senior Members - £15.00 per club year (16 years and above)

Junior Members - Free per club year (7-16 Years)

The Society's Third Party Indemnitey Insurance Cover is included in the fee

CMS year starts March1st, but new members are always welcome to join.

Please read the Rules and Constitution below before filling in this application form by left mouse click on bold which shall download a pdf format for printing and submittal.

Application Process

If you agree with the aims of Cwmbran Modelling Society (CMS) and agree to abide by CMS rules which have been set out to protect the membership of the Society, the general public, Lake Wildlife and the amenities that we use. then please use one of the following methods to join us;

  1. come along on a Sunday morning or wednesday afternoon, with or without a boat. The Society allows temporary sailing, for a limited period, for prospective new members that may wish to join. Speak with the members present and they shall guide you through the process.
  2. Apply for an application pack from by emailing -
  3. Print off a copy of the Constitution Society Rules for your own records and print off a copy of the application form. Bring them allong to the lake and pass them to a member.

Society Rules (2016)

The following rules supersede all other rules, as set out by this Society.

  1. New members must sign a membership application form stating that they agree to abide by the society constitution and rules and any amendments made to them over the period of their membership.
  2. Junior membership applications, under the age of consent, must be countersigned by a parent or guardian.
  3. Junior members under the age of consent must be supervised by a parent or guardian when attending all society activities.
  4. Society membership agreement will be confirmed by the payment of the membership fee.
  5. Membership Fees are due annually at the date of the A.G.M. Members who have not paid will be given three months to make payment. After that time membership will cease and the member will no longer be covered by the Society's Public Liability Insurance.
  6. Membership cards must be carried at all times when attending club functions, and produced if requested by any other club member.
  7. As far as practical it is hoped by the society that each member will make the effort to attend a minimum of three society evening meetings and two other organised events over the society membership year.
  8. Wilful damage to property under jurisdiction of the society will not be tolerated, nor any misdemeanour, considered by the officers to be against the interest of the society.
  9. Under no circumstances will the handling of another members property or model be allowed, unless prior agreement has been obtained from that member or under an emergency condition.
  10. The second person at lakeside should get the pegboard out and the last person using the pegboard should put it away.
  11. All transmitter aerials must have additional eye protection fitted at their tip. This should be the approximate size of a table tennis ball.
  12. Your transmitter must not be switched on until you have the appropriate frequency peg.
  13. All members using the frequency control pegboard must attach their white peg, with their name on, in place of the frequency peg they have removed. This is for consideration of other members that want to sail that may be on the same frequency as you.
  14. After notification that some one else is waiting to sail on the same frequency that you are on you must limit your sailing to a maximum of 20 minutes after that notification.
  15. All marine craft must be sailed with due consideration to other members models and lake wild life.
  16. Members displaying models do so at their own risk. The society will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to any members property or model howsoever caused.
  17. The use of internal combustion engine marine craft is not allowed.
  18. Members wishing to use more than one frequency, at the same time, must obtain permission from one of the officers of the society before proceeding. (The 20-minute rule will still apply.)
  19. The Society may from time to time wish to provide marine craft for non-society members to operate under supervision of a Society member or members.
  20. The Society marine craft nominated frequency allocations will be selected from a minimum used 27 or 40 Meg slot and will be used, if required, for the whole of the nominated sailing period. (No 20 minute sailing rule will apply.)
  21. A Blue/Yellow peg will be attached on the frequency control pegboard in place of the frequency peg in use.

Chairpersons Competition Guidelines (2016)

  1. Any completed marine craft being entered into the competition should have been sailed on society waters.
  2. Static or models in build will be allowed into the competition.
  3. Any marine craft being entered will be entered into the full competition, Class and Overall.
  4. The type or age of the marine craft being entered will not be an issue.
  5. All models are judged on their merit.
  6. The Society member entering a model into the competition must have helped in it's construction.
  7. 1st 2nd places overall and Class winners will be presented to the best, as selected by the members present, of all the models exhibited.
  8. Any number of marine craft can be entered by the same member.

Peter Sulley OPEN DAY Competition Guidelines (2016)

      1. Club members must enter their model they wish to enter into competition on the entry Paperwork.

      2. The competition is split into three sections, Sail, Low Powered, and High Powered marine craft.

      3. The competition will be judged by external judges.

      4. The Peter Sulley award will be presented to the overall winner.

      5. The OPEN DAY Cup and Shield will be presented to the runners up, as set by the judges.

Constitution (2016)

The following constitution supersedes all other constitutions, as set out by this Society.

Society Name

  1. The club shall be known as Cwmbran Modelling Society

Terms of Reference

  1. To encourage the activities and the hobbies of the model building enthusiast, encompassing all fields of interest in marine modelling.
  2. The society shall be run on a non-profit making basis; all monies raised being for the benefit of all society members.
  3. In the event of the society being disbanded, all monies surplus, after settlement of outstanding commitments, will be donated to a registered charity.

Society Structure

  1. Four elected officers shall run the society, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. 
  2. The elected officers will serve for a two-year period, for continuity of control of the Society, the Chairperson and Treasurer will be elected one year and the Vice-Chairperson and Secretary the next..
  3. All meeting-attending members, including the Chairperson, shall have one vote on all matters arising.
  4. In the event of a hung vote, the matter will be debated again and voted for at the next meeting. In the event of the vote still being tied the motion will be cancelled.
  5. The Accounting year will be from 1 st  January - 31 st  December.
  6. The Society Membership year will be from 1 st  March - end of February.
  7. A reduced fee will be introduced from the 1 st  October to the end of the Society Membership year.
  8. Using the following formula the annual Members Society fee will be calculated by the Treasurer and proposed at the AGM.

    Annual Fee  =  Club Expenditure for forthcoming year / Estimated Number of Society Members

    Society Discount  =  Account Balance Continuance fund / Estimated Number of Society Members

    Proposed Members Fee = Annual Fee  -  Society Discount [ Rounded off ]

General Meetings

  1. All Society members will be informed digitally or in writing, not less than a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of a called general meeting. An agenda of the meeting topics must be included with the notification.
  2. The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting in February to carry out the following: 
    • Elect the Officers for the Society (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer)
    • Approve the Societies accounts and appoint an Auditor for the forth-coming year
    • If required, change the Constitution and Rules
    • If required, change the Financial and Membership year
    • Set the Annual Membership fee (s)
    • Grant Honorary Membership (Honorary Membership will be automatically annulled if the member fails to contact or support the society over a two year period, this action will not require an AGM to ratify.)
  3. If any of the above listed items need amending during the year, then a Special General Meeting must be called by the society itself.
  4. Members themselves may request a Special General Meeting to take place. This requires a minimum of seven society members to notify in writing to the secretary the reason for the meeting.
  5. All meetings must, where a decision is required, be a quorum or greater, minimum requirement being seven society members, irrespective of status. One of the society elected officers must be present to act as chairperson.
  6. At all general meetings, full minutes must be taken, the minutes of the meeting to be circulated to all members within one month.

Officers Duties

  1. The officers will make the decisions on a day to day running of the society, excluding matters, which require the approval of a general meeting.
  2. The officers are empowered to take disciplinary action against any offending society member.
  3. The officers should consult the members, where appropriate, before making decisions.
  4. Decisions that require to be made, not requiring full approval, require to be agreed by two officers.
  5. No officers acting in accordance with society policy will be held solely responsible for any debts incurred on behalf of the society. Officers acting contrary to society policy must be prepared to accept full responsibility for their actions.


  1. The treasurer will keep a full set of accounts, which must be audited annually. The accounts must be presented at the AGM for approval by the members present.
  2. The societies finance will be arranged through a suitable banking concern and applications for withdrawal must be submitted with the requisite number of signatures. This will be as indicated by the bank concerned, but under no circumstance will less than two signatures withdrawal system be accepted by the Society.

Last Modified on: 16-10-2022