Cwmbran Modelling Society

Welcome to Cwmbran Modelling Society

At our home waters in Cwmbran, all are welcome to come along and enjoy the marine models on the water and join in with the members friendly banter

Hi Fellow Enthusiasts/Modellers

Cwmbran Boating Lake  Coronavirus

Wales comes out of lockdown on Monday 9th November 2020 so we should be able to return to using the lake as pre lockdown. Obviously maintaining Social distancing etc Hopefully the Cafe will be open.

Unfortunately there are a few regular members who live in England They have their own lockdown and are not encouraged to come into Wales until their restriction is removed. We look forward to seeing them again in the future  Possibly there will be some new boats on the water again (Got to have something to do during lockdown!)



Coronavirus/ Monthly meetings

White Hut meetings are suspended indefinitely. Pending direction from Torfaen Council

Open Day 2020

It has been decided to CANCEL the Open Day at LLanyrafon Lake this year. Due to Coronavirus restrictions

It is felt that the event would be too difficult to stage and not provide the spectacle it usually does. Bearing in mind we would not be able to invite other clubs. They of course form an important part of the spectacleand enjoyment


Lakeside activity is a matter for the individual and has taken place in reduced numbers obviously socially distanced

Keepers pond is also open as is the car park now again with reduced numbers

Regarding Society subscriptions. Those of you yet to pay for 2020 can do so by sending their membership card and cheque to Peter Newsome whose address is on this website thereby maintaining their insurance cover.

I welcome any emails/phone calls from members with any questions. These are also on website.

Wishing all members past and present good health. Stay safe.

Sedgemoor Model Boat Club

All events are cancelled for the time being. Russell reports he will NOT be visiting our OPEN DAY with LUCINDA THE DRAGON this year

South West Ship Show

This event has now been cancelled until next year whereupon we will recieve another invitation.

As I understand it the venue organisers have cancelled the booking so there has been no alternative but to cancel until next year

WARWICK International Modelling Exhibition 

As promised I have enquired about our involvment this year. I have received a reply but the show is Full at present. However we have been placed on a waiting list so we may hear further as the show is a long way off. Fingers crossed. At least we are on the show organiser's Radar ! Good to know the show is being well supported.

I am awaiting details of local club Open Days and will publish as soon as I know

Chairman's Competition Night

The 2019 competition was held at the white hut as usual. There were 25 entries in all somewhat less than in previous years. However these were all good quality entries.

There were FOUR Classes this year with an award for the best in class. In addition there was an award for the best overall entry overall across all the classes. THE CHAIRMAN'S CUP. The runner up across all classes being aarewarded the COMPETITION SHIELD

CHAIRMAN'S CUP was awarded to Clare Beddis for Titanic

COMPETITION SHIELD was awarded to Troy Beddis for Steam Launch Clare

Class One  Scratch built Marine Models: was awarded to Pete Newsome for HMS Falcon (aircraft carrier}

Class Two  Kit build Marine Models was awarded to Adrian K  for Bella

Class Three  Almost ready to run Marine Models was awarded to Peter Rutsch for Marignan (Fishing Trawler}

Class Four  Sail Marine Models was awarded to John Durose for Sailing Yacht The Bluebottle.

OPEN DAY Competition

 Peter Sully Cup was won by Rick Longford for his Schooner

Slow speed scale shield was won by Mike Busson for Police Launch

Power speed shield was  won by Peter Rutsch for Flying Christine 3  

Sail shield was  won by Eric Ivins for his Red Sails Schooner

The Awards along with the award winners for our Open Day will be presented at the Presentation Night at the White Hut on Monday 18th November 2019 our last meeting of the year. Usually accompanied by a light buffet for which donations (of food) would be appreciated.

Would all last year's award recipients please return their trophies prior to this date to one of the officers

There of course a number of new trophies this year

A BIG Thank you to all who took part in all the competitions on Open Day and all the entrants for the Chairman's Competition.

Could all of the winners please bring their winning entries along to the Presentation Night for all to see.

OPEN DAY 2019 8th Sept

Well last year I reported that the Open Day 2018 was probably our best yet.

I think we exceeded that this year easily.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our members who took part and helped to make it a success.

Also another BiG THANK YOU to all the visiting clubs who contributed in no small way to the spectacle and success of the show. 

Cardiff Modellers

Margam Park Including their Have a Go Boats

Sedgemoor ( Lucinda Dragon)

Vale of Glamorgan Model Boat Club

Bernard from Thornbury with his IC Boat which was towed behind an R/C all Terrain vehicle

Also the trader whose name escapes me at present - sorry!

All deserve a mention

I believe Eugene counted some 150 or so models on display. Wonderfull.

There were many appreciative comments from the public visitors to the show. Also the Cafe seemed to be doing a roaring trade judging from the long queues.(not a criticism ! )

The  informal race with the Sailing boats around the island was also a nice new addition 

Thanks to Mike who arranged the starting gate bouys

Society Club Chaiman's Competition OCT 21st

Members are invited to take part in thsi competition 

The Classes are;

CLASS ONE        Scratch Built Marine Models

CLASS TWO        Kit build Marine Models

CLASS THREE    Almost ready to run Marine Models  

CLASS FOUR      Sail powered Marine Models ( a new category this year)

South West Ship Show Bristol

A BIG THANK YOU to all of those wh  o attended this event and helped make a good display. We have received a letter of thanks from the organisers and a wish that we attend next year. The date to be announced.

Please note new information on Diary of Planned Events 

AGM Notification 2020

AGM Cwmbran Modelling Society

Forthcoming AGM will be held at Coedeva and Hollybush Community Hall, Cwmbran on Monday February 18th 2019. Meeting to start prompt at 7:15 PM 

Election of officers at AGM

The posts of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Auditor are up for re-election. In all three cases the existing Officers are willing to stand for re-election.

2020 AGM Meeting Agenda

  • Attendance and Welcome
  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of Meeting 2019
  • Matters arising
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Chairman's Subscription Proposal
  • Auditor's Comments
  • Trustee Resignation
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Election of Officers:  Secretary, Vice Chairman, Auditor
  • Any other business

AGM Minutes 2019

The AGM minutes have been uploaded to the Society Information Update Page


At the Club meetings, several ideas have been floated for the funding of our nominated charity, as our Club Boats are requiring an update of radio gear and as the Sunday sail times in the summer have been changed due to council boats being on the silt ponds, the window of their useful use has been reduced to less than an hour. It was decided to keep the have a go boats for our OPEN DAY use only. A collection box has been made for the Sparkle donations for club nights with good result to date.

Wednesday sail times for club members has been reset to a 12.30 pm start

I hope the information you find on our  web pages will be of use to you, as we are a Marine Modelling Club set up by its members for all of its members and members of the public to view our models at lakeside and to join in and enjoy our hobby activities. As the club is open to all sorts of Marine Craft (NO IC Engines allowed) we have usually on display on the park lake waters and silt ponds, Sunday Mornings and Wednesday afternoons, a variety of marine craft sailing on the surface and below it.

There is usually a lot of friendly banter being exchanged along with technical information at our informal meetings at lakeside.

The  Open Day and Chairperson Competition that the club run this year allowing models to be entered irrespective of the amount of work each society member had put into the completion of their model. This allowed every member the chance to enter a model or two. The enfaces today in the society is not being on the member’s capability in the modelling making department as was in the past, but on the owners enjoyment of their own marine craft. Those that have no modelling experience have been helped along the way by other members with the required knowledge to help them. It’s nice today to see some of those modelling novices now handing on their knowledge they have picked up with their time with the club to the newer and some older club members. 

We have a new list of club members that have managed to pick up the Society's Trophies, Updated pictures taken of our Chair comp. Open Day Comp.  have been added  to our picture gallery, old pictures removed.

New on our WEB Pages

  • Update to Club Night Lists - Please note that Meetings now start at 7.00pm
  • New promotion page for Society Open Day event 
  • Extra page added to supply important information on forth coming events of interest to Society Members.

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