Cwmbran Modelling Society

History of the Society

Cwmbran Modelling Society was formed in 1972 by a group of modellers that used the Cwmbran Boating Lake as individual model sailors. Their aim then, as the clubs is today, was to promote the hobby of model boat building and sailing to any one interested.

The Society expanded its interests in model making by having flying and car sections as well.

The flying section lost the use of the council park it was using due to several of the flyers in the society causing a nuisance to the local residents by flying over a near by housing estate with noisy aircraft. The car section seems to have lost its membership and by the time I joined the Society in the early 90s it was only the boating section left.

Now members are branching back into aircraft and cars as the advent of LIPO batteries makes for a quieter and cleaner life. Aircraft of all types are used with due consideration to what is called 'Drone Regulations'. Aircraft of all types are flown by individuals.

Cars of the Short Course and crawler types are in common use and individuals make arrangements to meet and enjoy themselves as a group.

The Society in the late 90s decided to change its format with the introduction of a new logo and ideas to promote the prime reason for the Society existence now, that of model boating. The Societies Constitution and rules being modified to address the changes of the new Society structure. Out went committees and structures that reduced the involvement of all Society members on an equal basis. Rules now had to include items that were being driven by external forces like the introduction of the banning of IC engines on our sailing waters.

The Society also became a member of the federation of Model Boat Clubs Wales.

The Society since its change of direction has been blessed with an increase in membership, a membership that every member, if he wishes can influence the forward direction of the Society by attending Society club nights, where future activities of the Society are usually aired.

The Society also started holding an annual OPEN Sailing event held in September to promote the Society to the people of Torfaen and to invite like minded people interested in model boating to our fantastic waters. The Society spent some of its fund purchasing items that could be used on the day. The items purchased could also be put to good use when visiting other Model Clubs / Society's on our away day visits.

In late 2006 The Society started promoting sailing to non-members of the society, by purchasing its own model boat for this purpose. The following year 2007 the Society received a donation from a retired member allowing it to purchase a second boat and extra drive battery packs for both boats. Both boats have been used by members of the public from the middle of 2007. It was hoped that they will be available for the general public to use for many years to come. Sadly this has now been curtailed as the boats fell into a state of disrepair due to the amount of use .

In 2006 once again external forces directed the actions required of the Society and the way it presents itself to the Public and the Councils that it rents its Lake. To this end a new Constitution 2007 and a set of rules were drawn up, by the members of the Society, ready for presentation at the AGM in February 2007.

Also on the 10th July 2006 the society signed up with the council via their WEBSTER site to produce these web pages, to promote the society more to the public.

In 2010 we joined the SWAMBC, South West Association of Model Boat Clubs, so that if members required they could enter into competitions or other organised events as a club activity.

After 2009 open day was cancelled due to lake side modifications we once again in 2010 started having our open day for other clubs and members of the public to join in with our sailing activities.

In 2011 at the AGM the constitution was again modified to bring it into line with present day requirements. 

In 2012 we started our Open Day Competition in memory of one of our long serving members, Peter Sulley. The Society purchased several trophies to extend our ChairmanCompetition to involve more of the club members with excellent results. We also started our Presentation Evenings after Hartley one of our members and his wife donated several cups that we modified for club use. 

In 2018 Peter Rutsch took over as Secretary following death of Ralph Davies. Peter is responsible for updating this site.

In 2019 Torfaen Council modified access to the webster site making access easier. Access for viewers of the site remains the same.

2020  A year dominated by the coronvirus pandemic. Boating activities were normal to begin with until The Lockdown in March when use of the lake ceased. Later in March 2020 following discussions with Torfaen council our use of the lake restarted albeit with the application of social distancing. We were averaging around 8 to10 participants as opposed to 25 or so previously. Some  were also useing The Keeper's pond as well as Llanyrafon lake at Cwmbran. Lockdown again in December until March 2021.

The Society aims today are to support like minded people, irrespective of their own capabilities, to enjoy this fascinating hobby, pass time, be it as a spectator or active member.

Last Modified on: 14-06-2021