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Cwmbran Modelling Society

Diary of Planned Events

Model boats on Cwmbran Boating Lake

 Diary of Planned Events
Date Calander of Society's Events  2020
Monday 20th 2020 First Society Club Night Meeting of the year (depending on the weather)PLease bring along any part finished projects for discussion/advice 
Monday 17th 2020 Society Club Night AGM
Wednesday 12th & 19th 2020 Cwmbran Modelling Society Evening Sail @ Llanyrafon Boating Lake, Cwmbran

Monday 16th 




Society Club Night Meeting  including display of members projects half finished or otherwise for discussion

Peter Rutsch will give a talk BUILDING MODEL BOATS FROM KITS

Sedgemoor Model Boat club Birnham on sea  Auction of Models and tools owned byMalcolm Franks (Lucinda Dragon) 10:00 to 12:30  Free sailing on their lake 1:00pm onwards  Details on their website http://sedgemoormbc.org.uk/malcolm-models-sale-auction THIS IS POSTPONED MAY BE REPLACED WITH ON LINE AUCTION

Sunday 5th  Sedgemoor Wet & Dry Race plus Free Sailing 1:00pm start
Monday April 15th

Society Club Night Meeting SUSPENDED

Mike Nowsieleski will give a talk on Power Units

 Sunday ?  Cardiff Open Day Later in Year?

Monday 18th


Society Club Night Meeting Bring along your projects, half finished or even abandoned for discussion/viewing. All welcome

Also Bring and Buy. Bring along any boats/boat bits/tools plans anything model related that you may wish to sell and /or exchange. The deals are up to you!!

Mike Busson will give a talk on sound systems for model boats

Weekend ? Margam Park Marine Model Club Open Day 
Saturday ? Cwmbran Big Event at Park, Cwmbran Boating Lake, Llanyrafon. Tables and shelter will be available     NO DATE as yet

Monday 17th


Saturday 13th

Society Club Night MeetingMeeting SUSPENDED

Peter Newsome will givwe a talk on LED's

VALE OF GLAMORGAN OPEN DAY   10:00am  to 15:00 pm Invitation Received

Monday 15th

Society Club Night Meeting

Bring and Buy



Saturday 17th                      

Monday 19th



Sunday 23rd

Society Club Night Meeting



Sedgemoor Model Boat Club Open Tug Towing competition plus Free Sailng 1:00pm

Weekend ? 2nd Margam Park Open Day 
Sunday 13th Cwmbran Modelling Society, Open Day @ Llanyrafon Boating Lake, Cwmbran
Sunday 22nd  Bristol South West Ship Show  New Date
Monday 16th Society Club Night Meeting
Monday 19th Society Club Chairman’s Cup Competition Night Meeting
Wednesday 6th & 13th Cwmbran Modelling Society Evening Sail @ Llanyrafon Boating Lake, Cwmbran
Monday 16th Society Club Presentation Night Meeting (Last meeting of year)
Sunday 6th, 13th & 20th Cwmbran Modelling Society, Christmas Sail @ Llanyrafon Boating Lake, Cwmbran PARTY HATS/ DRESSED and illuminated BOATS Mandatory

Last Modified on: 19-03-2020

Forthcoming Events

Hope Rescue Fun Dog Show

Hope Rescue Fun Dog show on Friday 8 May at Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran.

Bipolar UK Cwmbran Support Group

Our Support Groups offer peer support to those affected by bipolar, including family, friends and carers. These groups allow people to get much needed support, information, and the opportunity to share their experiences.

Gwent County History Association Annual Lecture and AGM

A talk by local Pharmacist Sue Jones: Pharmacy Whims and Whimsies. The lecture includes fascinating anecdotes about past 'chemists' in the local area. The AGM will follow the lecture.

The Greatest Showman Sing-A-Long

This is the greatest show! An amazing Sing-A-Long outdoor cinema experience at Pontypool Park with a showing of The Greatest Showman.
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