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6th & 7th August 2022 Defence of Blaenavon

Hi everyone,

I'm just getting in touch to thank you all for the wonderful support that you gave to the Defence of Blaenavon event this past weekend. It was a huge success and this was in no small part to the CMS display that everyone appreciated on the way in. Hopefully, if we can persuade you to attend again next year, we'll be able to rig a small pond for sailing. I'm sure that the display will have encouraged a few folk to pop to the pond and see the boats in action and, who knows, maybe a new member or two.Once again, many thanks for everything that you did this past weekend, it's really appreciated. 



D of B day 2m

D of B day 2 before the day begins

D of B day 2

D of B day 2b

D of B day 2c

D of B day 2d

D of B day 2l

D of B day 2k

D of B day 2j

D of B day 2i

D of B day 2h

D of B day 2g

 D of B day 2f

D of B day 2e

8th May 2022 Coate Water Swindon

Coate Water Swindon 90th 01

Coate Water Swindon 90th 02

Coate Water Swindon 90th 02

Coate Water Swindon 90th 05

Coate Water Swindon 90th 06

Coate Water Swindon 90th 03

Coate Water Swindon 90th 07



2nd April 2022 South West Ship Show

South West Ship Show 1

 This was our second trip to the South West Ship Show with yet again a good attendance and show of boats. As usual the show gave opportunities of purchases ranging from books, waterline models and of course boats. Mountfleet Models were there and had several of their most recent boats with a 12inch Clyde Puffer taking centre peace.

 South West Ship Show 2

Several other clubs were present which gave an opening to the challenge of organising more days away which, our chairman, Richard did with glee.

 South West Ship Show 5


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