Cwmbran Modelling Society

Annual General Meetings

MINUTES of Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

held at Coedeva and Hollybush Hall

Monday 20st February 2023 commencing at 1915hrs

1. Welcome

Mick gave a quick welcome and indicated the beverage facilities at the rear of the meeting room for members to help themselves to Tea, Coffee and a Mix of Biscuits.In order to save on paper no Agendas were printed and the use of a projector shall hopefully improve and facilitate display of meeting information

2. Apologies 

Lorraine & Peter Rutsch, Peter Heimler, Nathan Hemming, Matt Sumpter, Robert Sneddon, Ivor Cox

3. Minutes of 2022 AGM 

The minutes of the previous (2022) AGM minutes were referred to. No comments have been received and no comments were made at this AGM to the minutes.

4. Chairman’s Report

INFORMATION  • The chairman gave a resume on past year and a look forward. Specifics such as displays and attendance at open day were a huge positive and cooperation at lakeside with other users is growing.  Weed at Cwmbran Boating Lake has been an issue but is improving with Crow Valley Angling offering to get on top of weed clearance on a routine basis. Membership is again growing.

5. Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer handed out copies of the report which compared 2021 and 2022 financial figures for all to see.
PROPOSAL - that the collected funds for ‘Sparkle’ be rounded up to £310. 
PROPOSAL - that the 2023 -2024 annual CMS subscription is set as £15.00

6. Auditor’s Report

Auditor reported that all financial figures and documentation are correct and agreeable.
PROPOSAL - That report be accepted

7. Club Officers voting (where required)

  • Chairman - Richard Beck happy to stay 
  • Vice Chairman - Ben Howells happy to stay
  • Treasurer - Rick Longford happy to stay 
  • Auditor - Eugene Hayes happy to stay
  • Secretary - Mick Nowosielski was put forward to be voted in as secretary and accepted

8. Update on Cwmbran Boating lake

INFORMATION - Weed clearance CVA continue to carryout clearance.

INFORMATION - Storage - CVA have offered space in their container. 

PROPOSAL - Fishing Pegs  - That CMS sponsor/pay for 1 stage for CVA in order to maintain the ‘entente cordial’ relationship built up over the last few years and appreciation of the works in weed clearance, raft island repairs and future works undertaken at Cwmbran boating lake. Sum not to exceed £600.00.

09. Chairman's Cup Competion Format 

PROPOSAL •- That the timing and format of the Peter Sulley Cup and Chairman’s cup be combined and timing be amended to enable a larger group of members to participate including those that a currently excluded by evening competitions timings.

Options - Combine both Peter Sulley and Chairman's competitions with Overall winner and Second for best at show and best in class winner receiving prize and participants a certificate. All being awarded on day of competition.Treasurer and Secretary to bring format to March Meeting for inclusion in Constitution.

10. Membership levels

PROPOSAL - That membership levels be clarified and subsequent changes be made to update the membership form and Constitution to read that, ‘Parents or Guardian of Junior members are NOT expected to use models for prolonged period, but only in support of Junior member’.

  • Honorary - free Voting
  • Active - Paying Voting
  • Associate - free No vote
  • Junior - free No vote

11. Amendments to Constitution

INFORMATION - Item 9 • Item 10 To be reflected in CMS Constitution once agreed

12. Dates for year

INFORMATION - CMS open day August 13th SET  • Defence of Blaenavon 6/7th AugustAll other dates appear in diary of events on Cwmbran Modelling Society website.

13. Meeting night format


  • RM - Resurgam - 20th March Meeting
  • CR - 3D printing - Resugram - 17th April Meeting
  • MB - Sound Systems  - 15th May
  • Meeting Show and tell -TBC
  • Displays - TBC
  • Bring and sell/buy - TBC

14. Update on TCBC communication 

INFORMATION - Email was referenced that has been received from TCBC covering the subjects of;

  1. Clearance of silt pond forecast for November 2023 subject to availability of funds
  2. Use of Dye for weed clearance is a NO
  3. Storage container contact for planning permission email address.

15. Other information

An issue has been raised by a member of the  public reference the use of models that create excessive noise disturbing the peace and ambience at Cwmbran Boating Lake. This is linked to the CMS promoted ban of use of IC engines in models due to noise levels.


Last Modified on: 19-06-2023