Cwmbran Modelling Society

Annual General Meeting 2020

c/o 10, Meadow Way, Penperlleni, Pontypool, NP40BS

Minutes of Society AGM held on the 17th February 2020

At Coedeva and Hollybush Community Hall Cwmbran. Meeting started at 7:10pm

Present (20)

T Beddis (Chairman), P Rutsch (Secretary), P Newsome (Treasurer), R Longford (Vice Chairman), J Hayes (Auditor), A Kegie, C Trego, A Jones, C Lloyd (Hon), C Mackie (Hon), A Smith, JL Rutsch, C Beddis, M Parker, E Ivins (Hon), I Cox, M Nowsielski, M Busson, S Busson, R Beck

Apologies for Absence

G Jelley, P Heimer

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting

Acceptance of Minutes of last AGM

Copies of the minutes of the last AGM held in 2019 were given to each member present along with an Agenda. The minutes of that meeting were accepted as a true record of that meeting. It was noted that the Membership fee remaining at £15 from the previous year had been omitted

Proposed Rick Longford Seconded by M Busson

Matters arising from the minutes of the last AGM

Omission of membership fee as above

Chairmans Report

The Chairman, Troy Beddis gave the following report to the meeting.

Troy opened by saying the Society had continued to succeed and had grown into a stronger society, one to be proud of. He praised member’s Achievements and High Standards. We attended other clubs’ shows and we stand out with the quality of our participation of which we should be proud including the way we act. He thanked the elected officers for their support and hard work. Away day shows had been well supported The Open Day 2019 was probably the best ever and that was down the members of the society.

The members thanked Troy for his support

Treasurers Report

Peter Newsome presented the Financial status of the Society, aided by the report, given to members present at the meeting.

Peter reported the society was in good financial shape. This was backed up with copies of the accounts given to each member present. The balance at the bank was now £1040.60. His aim from his report last year was a balance of £1000.00 which has been achieved.

Peter proposed the Membership fee be kept at £15 for the next year. Payment of which is due from today

The support for our supported charity SPARKLE was exceptional this year a donation of £130.00 had been made.

The auditor J Hayes had endorsed the accounts.

It was reported that Brian Attwood who was a trustee of the society and therefore a signatory on the society cheques had asked to stand down. This was being actioned . Peter Newsome proposed a vote of thanks to Brian for his past services in this regard. It will not be necessary to replace him as a signatory as we have more than the required number already. The necessary paperwork will be forwarded to the Bank.

A proposal to accept the Financial report and the proposed Membership fee was made by Jack Casey seconded by Rick Longford. This was supported by a majority of members present

The members thanked Peter for his report.

Election of Officers for years 2020 to 2021

Chairperson: After some lengthy discussion the present encumbent agreed to stand again. It was mentioned by members that Troy had been an outstanding chairperson and a great ambassador for the society. There were no other candidates. Troy was proposed by Eric Ivins and seconded by Mike Nowesieleski The vote was unanimous by all members present.

Treasurer: Peter Newsome had indicated he was willing to stand again. There was no other candidate.

Peter was proposed by Mick Parker and seconded by Chris Trego The vote was agreed by all members present.

Election of Auditor for year 2019

The present auditor indicated he was willing to stand again

Auditor: Jon Hayes was proposed by Mike Nowosieleski and seconded by Rick Longford. This was accepted by a majority of members present.

Any Other Business

The subject of our Public Liability Insurance was raised as to its scope. It was pointed out that it covered paid up members wherever they were, representing the society. This would also be the case if members were operating other forms of models e.g. cars. We are a Modelling Society, this does not specify boats only.

Lorraine Rutsch raised the question of whether we should acquire a set of waders to assist with recovery of models in difficulty. It was mentioned by several members that they already had some in their procession. It would be useful if they brought them along to our waterside meetings.

Mike Nowosieleski raised the question of Society Assets. Over the last few years it has come to light that a number of items in the society’s ownership appear to have gone missing. Some requiring expenditure to replace. E.g. Banners, Trophys some model boats and magazines. Mike proposed we set up a Society Asset Register detailing what the asset is , who holds it on behalf of the society and where.

He offered to help set this up, something your secretary would be pleased to accept. Proposed by Rick Longford and seconded by Clive Lloyd. This was passed by a majority of members present.

PR to liase with MN

A Vote of Thanks to the committee for all of its hard work over the last year was proposed by Eric Ivins and seconded by Mick Nowosieleski. It was approved by a unanimous vote of all members present

The Chairperson thanked the members for their contributions and continued support throughout the year. He then brought the AGM to a close.

Peter Newsome then collected subscriptions for the year 2020. The cut off point will be on the 18th May 2020, the date of the May monthly meeting.

Peter Rutsch
Cwmbran Modelling Society

Notification of Annual General Meeting held at Coed Eva and Hollybush Hall
17th February 2020 @ 07:15 Prompt


  • Attendance and Welcome
  • Apologies for Absence
  • Minutes of AGM 2019
  • Matters Arising
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Subscription Proposal for forthcoming Year followed by vote on actual fees
  • Auditors Comments
  • Trustee Resignation followed by actual vote
  • Election of Officers i.e. Chairman, Treasurer, for period 2020 to 2022 and Auditor 2020 to 2021
  • Any other Business

Open Day 2020 is set at 13th Sept 2020

Society Members who wish to stand for election for any of the above posts should notify the secretary in writing at least 7 days prior to the AGM

Present elected officers have indicated their willingness to stand again.

Peter Rutsch (Secretary of Society)

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