Blackthorn Meadow

Hawthorn Jacuzzi

Hawthorn Lodge now has a private Jacuzzi for guest's use (subject to terms and conditions)

Close up of Hawthorn Lodge's Jacuzzi showing the safety handle and stepsThe J-225 is a classic 4-5 person hot tub. With a sophisticated design the J-225 delivers space for 4 to 5 adults to sit comfortably. 3 dedicated ergonomic seats deliver a powerful massage whilst a pivot bench seat provides space for a further 2 users to enjoy a soothing back treatment. The J-225 also offers advanced features including ClearRay technology which delivers water purification, soothing waterfall and LED lighting.

Image showing Hawthorn Lodge's private Jacuzzi 1and the private garden area with garden furniture

It is situated in a private fenced in area immediately adjacent to the side of Hawthorn Lodge - so that guests have easy access.

 Close up image of the Jacuzzi showing its proximity to Hawthorn Lodge and the private garden area which can also be used to safely store cycles

 Hawthorn Lodge's private jacuzzi which is suitable for up to 4 people


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Last Modified on: 25-07-2021