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Fire Risk Assessment

As you may be aware amendments were made to the Fire Safety Act in 2023 - and came into force as of 1st October 2023 - that were aimed specifically at holiday accommodation. These changes are important to both accommodation owners and their potential guests as 'The Fire Safety Order requires that' owners 'undertake a suitable and sufficient  fire risk assessment within' their premises, to identify fire risks and take reasonable measures to ensure that people are safe from fire'.

Previously owners carried out their own common sense Fire Risk Assessment but they were not required to keep a hard copy of it or share their findings with prospective guests. However now, as a result of the changes, all holiday let providers have to carryout and keep a hard copy record of their 'Fire Risk Assessment' and - on request - make it available to both guests and the Fire and Rescue Service. According to the Welsh Government as no two properties are the same 'The fire risk assessment is crucial in determining the appropriate measures for your premises and must be specific to it.

As a result of our Fire Risk Assessment – which on arrival you will find in the back of our hard copy Welcome Pack – in order for our holiday lets to comply we have introduced some changes. Guests are asked not to deep fry foods in the property (an Air fryer is provided as an alternative), not to use candles (of any kind), not to smoke, vape or use electric cigarettes inside the building or whilst standing in a doorway or at a window – as we have a no-smoking policy this should not be an issue for our guests.

Please note that we do not allow the charging of electronic vehicles including e-bikes, e-motorbikes, scooters etc inside our property or in the grounds. Guests are also asked not leave any items that contain lithium-ion batteries - such as laptops, games consoles, cameras etc. - charging while the property is empty or overnight. Plug-in multi-socket adaptors should never be used.

Guests are asked not to bring electrical items with them that are known to start fires - such as fans, heaters, hairdryers, deep fat fryers, electric extension leads etc. - to use during their stay. We can or will have provided alternatives. We have installed internal fire doors for your safety and would appreciate it if you could ensure that they are kept closed when you are sleeping or have left the building. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times and the isolating mains switch for the ceramic hob should only be turned on when in use.

We have provided rechargeable torches and other emergency lighting such as solar lights outside, motion sensor lights in the hallways and rechargeable plug-in torches that will automatically turn on should the electricity supply be interrupted. These are for emergency use only. Please do not turn any of these off as they are there to ensure your safety. Standard fire blankets can be found in the kitchen area and larger ones that can be used for clothing fires are located in the main bedrooms. We ask our guests not to dry clothes on the fire guard – an outdoor washing line and an indoor clothes airer are available for your use. We also ask guests to ensure that all windows and doors are locked before leaving the building.

Some owners and guests question why they are no longer allowed to do things in their holiday accommodation that they regularly do at home after all they are similar types of accommodation. The Welsh Government have provided an answer to that. They state that 'There are stricter requirements for a shortterm let than a domestic home, because those staying will be unfamiliar with the accommodation'. In your own home should your smoke or heat alarm go off in the night you would automatically know what to do and where to go however, when you are abruptly woken up in a strange bed in a strange room it is a normal reaction to panic which could then potentially lead to making wrong decisions that could have a negative impact on your - and your friends' and family's - safety.

If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask.

Link to the Welsh Governments' A Guide to Making Your Guest Accommodation Safe From Fire

Blackthorn Lodge Fire Risk Assessment

Hawthorn Lodge Fire Risk Assessment

Last Modified on: 19-11-2023