Blackthorn Meadow

Blackthorn Jacuzzi

In addition to its own red cedar barrel Sauna, Blackthorn Lodge now has its own J225 Jacuzzi which is nearly identical to the one in Hawthorn Lodge. The cover in Hawthorn Lodge is grey and Blackhorn Lodge has a black one. Both comfortably seat up to 4 Guests..

Shows the entrance into Blackthorn Lodge's private garden area with Sauna and Jacuzzi

The gate to Blackthorn Lodge's private garden is lockable which prevents unauthorised use and any wandering children from entering the garden area or the Sauna or Jacuzzi unattended. The interior area to the left and right hand side of the fence can be used to store bicycles

Shows Blackthorn Lodge's Private garden and Sauna

The Red Cedar Barrel Sauna is heated by a Havia heater. 

Shows Blackthorn Lodge's Sauna and Jacuzzi

The electricity connection for the Sauna's internal light and the exterior festoon lights is on the rear of the Sauna.

Shows Blackthorn Lodge's Sauna, Jacuzzi with the cover closed and garden furniture

The Jacuzzi cover is opened using the riser. You simply unclip the cover's front securing straps, then using one of the handles on the side of the Jacuzzi cover (there is a handle on both sides) flip the front half of the cover over the metal central bar. You then use the side metal raising bar to lift the second part of the cover. Reverse the process when closing the cover. Please do not use the front locking straps to open the cover.

Shows Blackthorn Lodge's Sauna,Jacuzzi with the cover open and garden furniture

The garden area is very private and there is a table and 4 chairs for guest's use. 

Shows Blackthorn Lodge's Sauna and Jacuzzi with the lid open


Shows Blackthorn Lodge's Jacuzzi with steps and hand rail

We check the Jacuzzi chemical levels for you every day of your stay.Shows the interior of Blackthorn Lodge's Jacuzzi



Shows Blackthorn Lodge's Jacuzzi and Sauna Garden

The block paving means that the jacuzzi can be used all year round despite the weather (but never during a thunderstorm).

Blackthorn Lodge's Jacuzzi and garden furniture looking up towards the Sauna

This shows the private garden area as seen from the end green wooden fence.

Last Modified on: 15-06-2021